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NL2 nut flush draw +bacdoor str8

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  • NL2 nut flush draw +bacdoor str8

    is it ok to hand review hands from zoom i think somone told me it was ok as i have difficulty finding them from my database.?

    Anyway in this draw hand, i decided to check turn as villain just joined table and posted blind, wasnt sure what range they had or how they played, after they called my check raise i thought they could have some ace rag hand, and the 2, dint look like it could make my hand stronger so i checked hoping to hit one of my outs? i was gonna try check raise the river but just bet, not sure what is best here.?
    (i usually raise pre to .09 just misclicked)

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    Yes sure, zoom hands are great to post.

    With the KJ I would generally just bet the flop, you don't really want to risk they check it back and we don't build the pot at all vs. his worse draws, worse K's, and pocket pairs that may only put more money in if they hit a set. As the preflop raiser you will get action from more than just Ax type hands, kings will call as will draws, and sometimes you get floated on boards like this as well. And, although you only have 2nd pair, your hand can stand a raise with the nut flush draw.

    On the turn after you check-raise the flop (which looks strange as the preflop raiser, this is usually a draw when I see this line), checking the turn just screams draw to me. The villain now has a chance to bet for value with made hands or take a free card and keep the pot small to get to showdown. Or take a free draw with diamonds (which we know would be worse diamonds).

    Definitely bet the river for value here. It's amazing he didn't raise all in with the 2nd nuts, but the unorthodox line you took caused that I think, he was probably worried about you having the nut flush. If you take a more standard bet/bet line here, when you get there and bet the river he would likely have jammed with the 2nd nuts then, putting you on a big ace or AK type hand.

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      yeah understand everything u said, makes perfect sense 100% thanks !



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