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2NL Zoom - bad poker play or just cool under pressure

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  • 2NL Zoom - bad poker play or just cool under pressure

    I think there is something in my cash game to be able do this.

    2NL Zoom with no reads but I don't know if this is bad poker play or just cool under pressure?

    That sick feeling do not get this wrong? So how did I do this so right - good or bad play?

    Boom Hand

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    Hi ForrestFive,

    pre I would try to isolate one of the limpers by raising to at least 0.1. When BB raises to 0.2 here you should definitely fold since it is such a huge raise indicating you may well be dominated a lot of the time here. With just 100bb effective you do not really have any room postflop anymore and will risk getting money quickly in against a dominating hand when you flop a pair or draw.

    Flop is a clear fold too with just overs and a backdoor draw for such a high price.

    As played I would jam turn as a semibluff and get all the money in here now that you picked up additional outs and villain may sometimes indicate that he is giving up after checking to you.
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      Thanks Felix,

      Yes agree how I should play it. 100% raise to isolate but in these micros I know 75% of the time I will be called in the blinds and for some unknown reason the limper's call too. Here I just hold the button. When I get raised I know that player understands something and should c-bet most boards.

      I mark cash players who raise red and limp orange. As the mouse moved over the raiser to label the player more information - and Russian.

      So can we make any assumptions, not tight and not passive, perhaps a bit loose? I expected the c-bet and then the villain shut down on the turn. Why no second barrel?

      As it played out yes I should have shoved the turn. My bet was just looking like value if the villain was thinking. Then came a great bluff card on the river for a club flush.

      I didn't believe it and that's poker I suppose.
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