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controversial bad beat

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  • controversial bad beat

    Was playing 25NL ZOOM during Happy Hour This is the worst clean bad beat I've ever received That one hurt Once Happy Hour finished, went to play some 50NL This player was a one star VIP player, was playing like a newbie, limping, calling then folding Then this hand, kind of made up for the previous one With this hand, my first losing day, became another winning day..WOOHOO umbup:umbup:

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    Since I don't feel like transferring the thread over to hand analyses, if any of the hand analyzers would want to analyze this hand, I would like the analysis to be done on both players views Thank you umbup:


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      Posts copied from bad beat forum for analysis of first hand.

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        Hello Trap...

        the first hand is really a cooler, not a bad beat.

        You may have been better off betting the flop on the all broadway board with 2 diamonds, but given the depth of money I doubt anyone but the nit-iest of opp's would muck a 2 way nut flush draw for what you could have reasonably bet.

        When you bink your top boat, again, the villain is NEVER mucking a royal, so no way you are folding out better than your Ks full. While you do not give any reads, it would be pretty common for opp's to call down on less than your holding, so a turn bet for value would have been totally in line with right thinking in my opinion. I do not really get why you didnt bet this card for value though...

        River doesnt change a ton:

        - you have every reason to suspect you are ahead (w/o VERY specific reads you dont give)
        - normal reads would probably see a somewhat passive villain play a flush like this (due to the paired flop), as well as a monster

        So getting em in is not bad in my opinion, just your luck was.

        Personally, I would have tried getting em in on the turn myself.

        Hope it helps.

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          Thanks JD, I should of said a cooler, not a bad beat (cooler didn't come to mind) So if I get your thoughts right, no matter the amount bet on flop or turn would of made a difference right, the player would never of mucked? But Bearxing forgot this part, where I also explain my thinking on the hand. "LOL... Some people think that theirs only one way of playing poker and that's the text book way with the numbers way. Those people will never grow in skills. Yes those ways are important, they are the foundation to the game, but you also need the table dynamics and the players information which people seem to forget. It's very easy to analyze a hand when you know the outcome here's my take: - First it's a Zoom cash table, players will raise and call, hoping that the other players have pre hit the fold button already - Standard raise and just a call from the player, basically telling me, lets see the flop, haven't got much - post flop, if he had JJ or AK, he would of bet, so I'm pretty sure I've got the best hand. Now he could have a possible straight or flush draw, sure I could bet, what $1.25, pot, for that amount, I'll slow play and if I shove, he might fold. With a set, I want him to make the first move. - On the turn, I've got the boat, at this point I'm sure to have the best hand, so let him make the first move and you know the rest. Take a minute and look at it as the other player Now if I was in his shoes, I would of played the same as he did and even with any raise, I would of called, especially with so many outs and a possible Royal Flush. Ask yourself, how much should I raise before he folds? Would he really fold? So it doesn't matter if I raise or not and a shove was out of the question. There is more than one way to look at a play PS. I must be doing something right as of last night I reached the $1,000 for the month in just 15 days playing 25NL" Thanks again umbup:
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