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Aa vs kk vs qq

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  • Aa vs kk vs qq

    please watch this hand umbup:
    When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.

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    I have watched the hand? Hello all, I have watched this hand. However, I do not know the reason for watching this hand. Could someone please tell me the point to this?. To save me some time, would someone explain the basics of the boom player to me and what the boom player is about?. I have seen the boom at the bottom of my client and support your country, I think i must be missing reading a post somewhere and will stop been lazy and have a look. LOL umbup:


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      Ok, it was only a click of the mouse for the information I needed about the Boom player.

      Interesting concept, however I would not personally want to show the world my best plays e.t.c.

      Interesting hand you have shown there using the boom player, however there is no question to your link.

      Ok, if you are asking for a basic opinion on this hand, I will have a go with my opinion.
      However, this is just how I see this hand, and in no way, I am saying, what I say is to be fact.

      I did not like this hand, even though on a cash table, I personally thought this hand was not played in the correct manner.

      I really did not like the open limp with QQ.

      By open limping, you are in fact, not finding out any information on your opps hole cards.

      When the opp raises to 10c, the opp here could of well been holding a lesser hand , and in fact just making a raise because as the open limper your hand was never represented.

      We then have a caller, in the cut off i think it was,maybe the hijack, only watched it the once, however this opp would not be my concern as he only called the 10c raise.

      OK the button in posistion with KK.

      He then raises to 40c, why? he had posistion, your limp and the passive flat caller in the cutoff were not his concerns, he or she, only had the 10c original raiser to worry about.
      Also he had a very strong hand in posistion.

      This opp may of thought that the original raiser of 10c, was raising maybe with AK or something similar.
      And this would be because the open limp represented nothing, the flat caller was representing nothing.

      I think then if i remember correctly, that you flat called the 40c raise......

      One minute I need to watch it again for this reason....

      Yes you flat called the 40c raise, open limp with a flat call to 2 raises.

      OK the original opp then shoves, expected with aces in this spot.

      The cut off folds

      The button instant call

      Back to you, hmmmm,raises, reraises, did you then have the podd odds to call?,
      You definate were big stack compared to them, it was a cash table and facing a tough decission.
      Could you give credit to the button for having a large hand when he quite possibly could be just using effective posistioning etc.

      I think personally if you had represented a hand preflop been the first to act, you may of obtained better information, the outcome of the hand as no relavance, when the information preflop was there to be read.

      However without having reads on the opps or stats information to go by, this is still a impossible hand to give an honest verdict to.


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        Open raise from UTG ( I rarely open limp) to 3x to 5x depending on how loose the tables was.

        AA should 3-bet ot about 0.40. This should get rid of the MP caller and then KK likely shoves.

        This makes it now read dependent if either or both are TAG or nits then the f_i_c_k_l _e ladies hit the muck. Otherwise I shove.
        Last edited by TrumpinJoe; Sun Jul 29, 2012, 04:36 AM.



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