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Positions for 6 handed games.

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  • Positions for 6 handed games.


    I understand the positions for 9 handed tables, but what do you consider the positions to be in a 6 handed game?

    If we were to say call the sb no.1, bb no.2 and so on, where would (for example) middle position start and finish? I'm assuming that positions 1 and 2 would be early, 3 and 4 would be middle, five is the cut-off, with 6 representing late position?

    Many thanks.

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    I dont play a lot of 6 max so i hope as i write this someone far wiser than me is also writing.

    My understanding
    early =3&4
    middle =5
    late = button

    but i've been wrong before...

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      Personally I adjust by considering my start hand standards at 6 max table to be the same as a full ring table in a position with the same number left to act behind me.

      In UTG I would have 3 to act behind me (plus the blinds pre flop). My start standards would be similar to middle position in a full ring.

      UTG + 1 I'd have 2 to act behind me (plus the blinds pre flop), I use standards to equate to late/middle open ranges.

      BTN and CO off would be LP similar to full ring.

      Adjustments for this would also entail a greater aggression level due to the shorter table and generally loosened start standards. Also, stack size awareness becomes much greater, as 3 and 4bets pre may require lesser hands to play against.

      But in general, looking at the number of players in a 6 max game left to act after you, and treating it much like you would the same number behind you in a full ring game, is a good solid middle of the road adjustment.

      hope it helps.

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        I prefer 6-max to full ring so I guess I'll give you my thoughts although a lot of people may tell you different. The aggression factor should be higher and I feel position pre flop becomes more important than in full ring because of that. So this is what I think of each position:

        I would say SB and BB are the same in both.
        UTG is early and I play super tight here.
        The big difference to me is UTG+1, I consider this to be middle position and I'm playing a massive amount more hands than I do from UTG. There are not many player to act after you and to them you look like you're making an early position raise so you get a bit more respect. (that's what I think anyway, I could be wrong)
        CO, again I'm opening a fair amount of hands here, suited Aces, suited connectors, broadways and likes of K9, JT the kind of hands the can play well post flop, and all the usual premium hands of course.
        BUTTON, opening fairly wide and obviously depending on opponents and stacks etc., sometimes with complete air.

        Obviously you'll have your own style and opening ranges but you get the idea, first 3 tight, last 3 looser as it goes round. The best way to figure out what works for you is play and try it out.

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          Thanks for the replies. I've been using the starting hand chart for the cash game course, and so far, so good. The only thing I will say that I find a little concerning, is that both this and the SNG course guides are very, very tight. I don't know if they are intended for raw beginners, but sometimes I feel I should be slightly looser, especially when quite often my stats show that I've seen the flop well under 10% of the time. As far as I know, the chart is based on full ring games, hence my query about the smaller tables.

          I've noted your points, and will see how I get on. Thanks again.
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