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random 6 max questions

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  • random 6 max questions

    Hi. can i call with suited connectors like 56s when utg regular opens and it is folded to me and im on button? regulars opening range from utg is AK AQ AJ ATs KJs KQ 55+. the game is 6 max

    What hand is better to call in position in 6 max 56s or A6s?

    what is the correct 3 bet percentage from blinds and from button in 6 max no limit holdem?

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    Hi Villman.

    Can YOU call vs that range with 56s?

    Based on the information you give, I'd say no.

    The reason I say this is because while SOME players may be able to do so profitably, if you are not yet able to determine what those spots might be, you should probably stick with "ABC" poker to make your decisions as simple as possible.

    There are spots where it MIGHT be profitable to call IP with 56s vs that range:

    - the money is VERY deep.
    - the opponent is VERY tight/passive post flop.
    - your image is such that YOUR call range might be perceived as stronger than the opp's.
    - you are unlikely to be 3bet by one of the blinds.


    But until your game has moved to the point where you can strongly identify a "plan" on how to win a hand once you've entered it based on the opp's tendencies, you are probably better off mucking 56s vs this range because that hand is well behind here.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      With hands like low suited connectors, small pocket pairs, or something like A6s, you are better off folding or 3-betting as a semi-bluff. Being on the button makes calling more appealing compared to when your are out of position, but with these hands it still isn't a great idea. Odds are you will be sitting there on the flop facing a c-bet while you have 6 high.

      Given the read you provided, 3-betting the UTG regular as a semi bluff might work because the player would often be forced to fold hands like KJs, KQs, 55 - 99. If you don't get a fold out of him he will either call or reraise.

      Against a call going to the flop, you have position, initiative, and your hand strength is well concealed.

      Against a reraise you have an easy decision to give up and fold.

      You can call with these type of hands in position sometimes. Just do it sparingly and when you are getting great pot odds/implied odds. The idea here is to help balance your range and keep the regulars guessing. For example: if you only called with 99 - JJ, KQs your regular opponents are going to start noticing and know which flops you are going to love and which you are going to hate.


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        Hi Villmann,

        there's already very sound and useful advice in here given by the two posters above me.

        Your questions are very generic and it is very hard to give an answer to each that doesn't start with "it depends on xyz". Poker is such a dynamic and situational game that you need to be constantly thinking about why you are doing something and what you can accomplish doing it.

        There are so many factors like stacksize, position, villain's ranges/tendencies/frequencies that should influence any given decision.

        I would suggest posting very specific hands that reflect the concept you are trying to delve into from your sessions here @PSO (handanalysis section). It should be a much better way to put those questions into specific contexts in order to study and improve.

        Hope that was helpful,
        Live Trainer



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