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2NL - AKo on montone flop

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  • 2NL - AKo on montone flop

    I did consider that he might have the flush, but I was holding the Ace, and still had 2 cards to come, pot odd of 4:1, and i felt that it was likely that I still had the better hand. Or am I completely wrong here?
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      Thank you umbup:umbup:


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        Hi Hades,

        You don't have 4-1 odds, you would have that roughly to call but you reraised which means you have given yourself a much worse price to draw.

        Reads become critical in spots like this, and you haven't given any... the flop min-raise is often a bet sizing tell of a very strong hand when done by inexperienced players, and at 2nl probably it's a safe assumption readless until we know better. If you are up against a range of sets and made flushes, you're about a 2-1 underdog and are getting the right price to call his min-raise and try to draw out on the turn with some expectation of getting additional money if you hit. Reraising in this scenario will be bad as you're just charging yourself the maximum to draw as a 2-1 dog.

        If the opponent can be taking this action with all these hands plus a hand like KxQd then you're about a 55-45 dog and in much better shape. If they can have weaker hands like KQ without a diamond then re-raising becomes optimal imo but without reads I would not assume this to be the case.

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          Hi Dave.

          Thank you so very much for your advice.

          I didnt have much of a read on him, other than he would 3 bet middle pair and weak kicker. He was holiding 95o at the time, into my pre flop raised pot, and I folded on the flop in that hand. Granted, I was c-betting and had nothing at the tme. He stayed in the pot to showdown that hand with another player.

          I figured he could be holding anything, but what I didnt think of at the time is that he wouldnt fold middle pair to me in any case, no matter what i was holding, and especially not if he had one diamond. But ultimately, i knew he had the flush.

          What should i have done? called or folded. Im now thinking that fold would be the right move.


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            I think the min raise prices you into calling on your nut flush draw, but you may have to release the turn if he prices you out at that point. If he's making some kind of weird move and you're actually ahead, he may well check the turn, and you stand a chance of getting this hand to showdown without improving. You definitely have a fair price to call on the nut draw however, with some expectation of getting more when you get there, so I wouldn't fold.
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