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5 NL 6 Max TPTK dilema

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  • 5 NL 6 Max TPTK dilema

    Villain Proof was 37/21 after 115 hands. AF: 2.5. Flop fold to c-bet: 30% out of 10. Flop raise c-bet: 20% out of 10 Turn fold to c-bet: 0% out of 2 PF: I raised 3x with AKo. All folds to me except for villain. Flop: Villain checks to me. I bet 2/3 pot size for value, so that any weaker Kings or flush draw will call me. Villain minraises. I decided to call with TPTK and a backdoor flush draw. Put him on a range of cards which are TPTK, 2 pairs, flush draw. Turn: Villain leads out 3/4 pot, making it $0.85. Didn't know what to put him on. Completed flush draw and he's betting for value? Or he's protecting a non-flush TP hand? I had a nut flush draw, and might have implied odds for calling this hand. Calling $0.85 into the pot of $1.12 plus his remaining stack of $2, giving pot odds of roughly 1:3.7, would be close to a correct call. But, if a 4th diamond came out, he might not be willing to pay me off unless he had a King high flush. And if a diamond didn't come up and he leads again, I don't think I would be able to call with just TPTK. Hence, I folded on the turn. Thoughts about this hand? Can someone please advise about villain's line and if you would fold?
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    Hey man,

    the villain is looks to be playing in Lag mode with his stats.
    It is perhaps once again the min raise BEWARE zone. However i dont like the straight fold
    on the turn.

    The villain has about 70bbs, doesn't seem to be a regular. Your hand is good enough to be getting it all in pre flop against this guy, as his range is wider, so the mentality should be slightly different post flop i feel.

    Standard play pre flop.
    on flop, once he min raises, this could and maybe should alarm you,
    - i think you have 2 choices,
    #1. fold to his min bet on flop
    #2. tell yourself you will be calling at least the turn bet and evaluate on the river.

    option 1, is better than calling the min bet and folding on turn, as this is kind of contradicting, because it kind of asks what were you hoping for on the turn? if the flush didnt get there, and he carried on firing big, would you have folded also?

    i really prefer the second option, position is so crucial especially vs a Lag.
    he might have got bored and simply min raised to see how you respond, he might have clicked it by accident.

    as to ranging him pf, with his stats, he could have called with AA/ QQ /KJ / KQ/ AK/ 88 / 44 / K8s (maybe he fancied this and couldnt help himself), and a few other suited connecters.
    although im more inclined he might have raised with 88 pf and not flat. I dont think this guy would be calling with K4.
    but combinatorically even against that narrow range you are ahead of slightly less than half of his range.

    reason i put QQ is because Lag, would understand that QQ, is a great hand, and we dont know if he is comfortable re raising 70bbs to your tight range UTG. So he knows if he represents an overpair or set he can take it down. - normally you wont see a re raise of QQ oop to UTG raiser imo even as low as 5nl unless there is a huge donk, majority play this cautiously.
    (he might have also played other underpairs likewise if he felt confident in his game and thought he ranged you well)

    Its important to range your opponent and he might well have got the flush on the turn, but actually if he had a set, over pair, two pair;
    - He has no choice but to fire again, the turn would be very scary for him with those hands i just listed.
    -if you had called in position, and he did not make his hand on the turn, he might just check back and you have your opening to try and take it down
    -or you can view calling the turn as paying to see a showdown a street earlier and you could just check behind on the river.

    my overall view is it is a bit to weak to give up on the turn, and it deserved at least a call, with a revaluation on the river to see his reaction. - AK is a good enough hand

    [btw i just saw you have Ad in your hand, so your definately not drawing dead..doesnt matter about getting paid off too much, by the river the pot will be slightly less than $3, and he would not be able to resist putting in at least a half pot blocker bet which is pretty much all in for him]
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      I definitely don't like this line, when he clicks back the flop you have to expect the turn barrel to come, so make sure if you call you have a plan for the turn. Like behappy said, if you are going to fold to the barrel when you turn the nut flush draw, then you're basically folding all cards to the barrel except an ace or king? Then just fold directly to the click-back.

      That being said, given the guys stats and his shorter starting stack I don't really like folding top/top to him post flop... granted he can have sets and maybe stuff like K8s here for a flopped 2 pair, but I would also think we will find this particular villain showing up with naked flush draws and worse kings as well. Since he's loose aggressive and starting on a 70bb stack I think we can actually 3b him on the flop and get it in right there. If I give him 88, 44, some flush draw combos, K8s-AKs and KTo-AKo, we're a 67% favorite over that range. And given the villain type I doubt he's folding any of those to an aggressive flop action by us, so it may be easiest just to commit right there.

      As played on the turn, at least call. We only need 30% equity to break even on a call assuming we never get another penny when we make the nuts, and against the range above we're still 70% factoring in all his worse hands. Even if we take those out and just give him sets, some flushes, and AK and KQo with the Qd, we're still at 40%. We're only 25% to K8 and 18% to sets, 16% to the flush. We should still expect some level of action on a 4th diamond from those hands, enough to make up the difference is reasonable imo. KxQd we are 93% against and are completely smashing btw.
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        Thanks people! I guess it's cos of past experience where I got minraised and normally that's when my TPTK got crushed. Forgot that he was an aggressive player when I was 6-tabling and made the fold based on emotions. Totally agree on the point to have a plan for the hand. If I were to call the flop, I gota expect the turn barrel and call it



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