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TT vs ss

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  • TT vs ss

    Hi all, I have a habit of getting confused when i play against a short stacked player and tend to do the following.... My question is it ok to shove vs a ss player, i dont really want to call here and i dont feel like folding TT on my BB. Paul.

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    I'd go for a standard 3x 3-bet myself. Pretty weak call by him. Probably explains why he's short stacked. Haha.


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      hey bro, im sure you had a read on the ss, but in that situation im predicting him raising any ace rags, king rags,so with the overs in mind im only flat calling to see a flop.

      There was no pressure of any of the other opps and you could of escaped the hand on the flop.

      just my thought bro,


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        Hi Poker Pest.

        Versus this short stack here, depending upon the equity of TT vs his pre flop raise range, shoving Tt is fine in my opinion. You do not give us info on the opp, but seeing as how he called you with A9o, we can reasonably assume that his open raise range is quite a bit WIDER than this (unless this was just his rare attempt at a steal).

        Versus a CALL range for your shove that includes A9o (~17% or so), your TT is going to have just under 60% equity. He is going to likely raise more along the line of 30%+ here, and the times he is at the lower end of that and FOLDS, you will be picking up his 10c without contest. So I like the raise to put him in, if this was "typical" of his range.

        Seeing as how even a FLAT will set up and SPR going to the flop that would favor stacking off with any over pair vs the shortie, and seeing how any over card on the flop MIGHT hit his range, I dont see getitng em in vs a wide opp with Tt as bad at all.

        Note: if you held JJ you'd have about a 57% chance of seeing 1 over on the flop. so the mid type pp 77 to JJ will tend to have good equity to shove77, the big pp will have too much equity to really love scaring him away with a jam (unless he might CALL, or unless a flat or std 3bet would be too suspicious) QQ would mark the lowest point I'd consider flatting (or standard 3betting), with the intent of getting em in on the flop with an over pair. If he is WIDER in his call range than A9o, then more pp become jams.

        I think I'd not jam 66 or less, because 77 still gives about 51% vs his range 9if the bottom end to call a jam is A9o). I'd probably muck the baby pp because there isn't enough in his stack to try a set mine.

        Hope it helps.

        Double Bracelet Winner



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