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2NL KQs in BB

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  • 2NL KQs in BB

    Can I get some opinions on the below hand. It's a 2NL cash game and I was in the BB with KQs. My main concern is if I should have just folded this preflop as there were a few people in the pot already, but if I could get a breakdown of how you would have played the whole hand that would be helpful. This was a new table so I didn't have any reads on the villians.

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    Ok for me new to a table with Zero reads. As soon as the reraise goes in I'm folded but i'm watching the play carefully after that to see if this guys have a hand or are they just maniacs. It might turn out they are just maniacs and soon all that lovely cash will be mine WAHAHAHA...

    opps sorry about that, no but with no read in the big blind folding and getting some reads is a good plan.

    So preflop if you are going to play a Rerasie to try to get heads up with origianal raiser is a good first plan.

    I might have checked t see what the raisers would be doing on the flop.

    When he reraised on the river having called called called he probably has my 1 pair beat but being me i'd probably called here too.

    Hope this helps

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      Hi Kedan87!

      With zero reads, KQs oop is not a very good hand to flat along after a raise and a 3bet. if you flop a top pair hand you are going to have some kicker trouble on that pre flop action versus some opp's, and if you flop a draw you have no clue the likely price you will receive oop.

      As played, a very loose raiser (such as the guy min raising 24s in EP) MIGHT be a prime target for isolation, but without info on whether or not the pre flop 3bettor might seek to iso semi wide, KQs can pose you problems. of course with zero reads in the hand, you cannot KNOW what the opp's might be doing...

      As played, the top pair/Q kicker you flopped is exactly what you'd expect as a typical value flop for your hand. The could easily have the EP raiser on AA or AK or a set that is ahead of your 1 pair hand, and has you drawing thinly. I've no problem with your sizing if you had reads to tell you top pair/2nd kicker might be good (except for your river bet which should have been to put him all in), but those bets had you pretty committed early in the hand. It is quite a bad spot to be playing without any reads, with a semi marginal hand oop versus a caller who seems to be "letting" you get into his stack.

      So next time I think I just pass on KQs oop after seeing it 3bet pre.

      hope it helps.

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