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NL 2/5c flopped quads

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  • NL 2/5c flopped quads

    Ok so I was wondering If anyone else would of made this call preflop.I got blasted after hand was over and I felt like I had as much right to be in that hand as anybody.I was up at the table my buyin was $2 and I felt like 20c was fair price to see flop.After flop I was hoping they both had an ace , but one folded and turn got me thinking he had AQ or QQ and river had me worried
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    When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.

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    on the button,77,all day long for a flop unless its a shove in front of me,and then i still may call lol.
    Nh loved the check on the flop,
    well disguised,my money going in with no worries with quads,if he had got the qq good luck to him,im never passing


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      Pre-flop nothing to worry about you're getting good implied odds so on the button I'm definately calling in hopes of hitting a set and playing fit or fold from there. BOOM! You flop quads, it's checked round to you which isn't what you'd like but you're ahead of any hand they can hold so I don't really like checking behind here. Sometimes your check will induce worse hands to bet the turn but when you flop quads you shouldn't be worried about getting a little extra value you want to play for stacks. Personally I'd like betting about 2/3 to 3/4 pot here you're very likely to get called by an ace and if they both fold then there probably wasn't any money to be made anyway. On the turn the Q doesn't change your hand at all you have the nuts, when he leads into you, you flat. Again I don't like this as you want to try get stacks in. As you checked the flop I'd definitely be raising his bet here hoping to get a large part of my stack in on the river. The river is another Q I think this is a bingo card for you as he probably just filled up, you manage to get stacks in which is nice. However if this Q doesn't fall on the river you probably don't get stacks in. I think by playing the flop and turn passively you could potentially miss out on a lot of value. Just my opinion though, as you can see I personally don't like slowplaying. I think aggression pays off in spots like these. Godd luck at the tables. Croyd umbup:
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        Guess I should of said that UTG was having connection issues and my plan was to bet on flop hoping they both had an ace , but he in fact had dc'd. I didn't want to scare other guy away either and I checked so UTG wouldn't have folded out.He managed to reconnect in time to fold on turn.
        When other villain reraised me on the river is when I really got worried thinking he had QQ since he flat called the raise preflop.It worked out nice In the end , but I still got blasted.

        I'm honestly convinced that people genuinely dislike my name and/or pic.I get called alot of names ,but my fave has to be "donkihilator" thats been used to death lol

        edit *Sorry I was dead tired when i made this thread last night
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        When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.


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          Hi Deanhilator.

          In my opinion there is nothing wrong with what you did here at all, so long as your decisions were done for the right reasons.

          The depth of money here (~75BB effective), leaves you with plenty in the stack of the shorter UTG raiser to pay you off the around 12 to 15 to 1 you need to profitably set mine (you'd need to extract ~48c to 60c total from him). If the UTG raiser is extremely TIGHT, meaning he might raise only on big broadways, or bigger pp than your 77, AND if he is extremely PASSIVE (meaning he is quite unlikely to C Bet AJ+ misses, and fold those to a bet) then a set mine becomes less profitable for you. But with the UTG caller (a deeper stack), your chances of being paid the amount you'd need to make a set mine a good idea is definately there in most all circumstances.

          When you flop quads, the ONLY thing you should be thinking about is how best to extract the most value from opponents. Without more specific read info on opponents, it is hard to judge the effectiveness of your line in this regard, as there ARE times when a slow play may not be the best course of action. Still, a monster like this is certainly one you CAN consider slow playing, especially when the A hi flop sees it checked to you. Those checks can easily mean the A is "scary" to the ranges you are against, so with so little "threat" of a free card resulting in a hand which beats you, allowing the opp's to see the turn to possibly improve is rarely a bad idea.

          The turn card Q is the really tricky spot for you though. Your check on the flop, and the tiny bet by the UTG +1 opp has kept the pot quite small, and his line really does not express much strength. Had you RAISED there immediately, there is a good chance you'd have lost action if all the opp had were a Q, but you were probably NEVER losing action by raising if he held a reasonably strong A. As your true motivation is to create as large a pot as possible, not raising the turn may have made it less likely you;d extract the maximum that you could, but without specific reads on the opp it is truly hard to tell; it is also possible that flatitng could lead him to fire a 2nd barrel too and a raise would induce a fold.

          On the river, That Q represents the loveliest card in the deck for you. If the UTG +1 opp has a Q (the most likely holding given his weak line), he now has a plenty big enough hand to stack off to you per zeebo's theorem (see link here: Since you can BEAT all FH's, you should do whatever you can to get the stacks in. You raised his river lead much less than pot (90c to go in a $1.22 pot), and as a MINIMUM I would have made it full pot, and probably even more. The simple fact is that this guy's line screams Q, and also screams a bit of a passive nature, so I really do not want to try inducing him to make the sort of move he made here (3betting after he lead pretty weakly) because even something like KQ might only CALL a button raise in 'fear" of AQ.

          As it played though, the opp went to the wall with his hand, and you got max value anyway, but next time you have quads remember zeebo's theorem when it is really possible the opp has a boat; make him PAY!

          ...and if he happens to wake up with QQ when he bets so super weak on a boated turn, then so be it!

          Hope it helps.

          Double Bracelet Winner


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            I didn't get much of read on either player as the table had changed dramatically over several hands and that's something I should of said in my op , but I was super tired and had never used replayer before so by the time I figured that out , I really really wanted sleep and I didnt read the "before you post for analysis thread" . My bad.
            As far as slowplaying it I really was thinking if I bet after flop he might fold and with UTG having connection trouble I was thinking maybe he's got aces and if I bet and he gets dc'd his hand would be folded/sitting out taking him out of hand.I really did want to bet flop, but that's how that played out.

            This is all stuff I need to learn
            Thank you kindly
            When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.



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