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could i of got some value out of the river?

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  • could i of got some value out of the river?

    First hand in a cash game. think i played it right but the A on the river scared me so i went all in, as i had half my stack in the pot anyway. Should i of bet less and got some value? http://
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      I'd have bet bigger pre-flop. Facing a std raise and a caller with being out of position I am going to make it between $3.20 to 4.00 to go instead of $2.50. I like to make them pay to draw out on me.

      Nothing wrong with a 60% of pot flop bet since you'd have to over bet the flop to chase out a flush draw and you are giving a chance for a jack to make a mistake.

      If you were scared of the Ace why bet just 40% of the pot. If it is an ace with the flush draw make them pay, They are a 3:1 dog and you are giving them a bit over 3:1 here. If you bet at least 75% of the pot they are making a mistake to call. If you bet larger before then a shove would be called for here.

      Your river bet is only going to be called if you are beat but checking may invoke an attempt to take it away by representing an Ace but it is the best option.


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        Hi Atowns,

        I agree with Joe on checking the river to let him try and rep the ace if he doesn't have it.

        I also favor a larger preflop 3b in this situation, 3-3.50 for me, for value. The other thing I may have done different was the turn line... $5 into $13.35 is a bit small. A nice line here (especially against an aggressive player) is to check-raise all in. When you check the turn it screams AK, and aggressive players in position may bomb the turn. If they have showdown value vs. AK, something like TT, they'll probably fold to the turn bet often but check back the turn, and call a river bet, guaranteeing 2 streets of value from 2nd pair type showdown value hands (assuming an ace or king doesn't river). So I'd say depending on the opponent (and on these stacks), I would either bet more on the turn, or check-raise all in.

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