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Question from xflixx zoom session

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  • Question from xflixx zoom session

    I watched flixx play a hand where he 3b KK IP (co) vs UTG raiser and caller in HJ.

    UTG who is about 250bb deep calls and HJ who is about 100bb overcalls.

    Flop comes something like AT2r. UTG and HJ check, xflixx checks behind.

    Turn is a blank

    UTG and HJ check, xflixx bets flop and is K raised small by HJ, CO folds and x flixx folds.

    This got me thinking...

    vs a thinking reg who doesn't bet that flop can we rule out top pair hands? the reason being that a decent reg should know we're flatting a 3b with a wide range when deep and so can vb aces expecting calls from QQ, JJ, Tx hands with backdoor draws, worse Aces etc. That being said, would it be a good play to KR turn as a bluff and continue on river if original 3 bettor bets turn.

    I hope that makes sense.

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    Anyone? Or is this a stupid question?


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      Hi ptero,

      sorry I have overlooked your thread somehow.

      I think you are absolutely correct on this, for a good hand reader my line is absolutely transparent and it is never gonna be a strong Ace or a hand that can take heat. So yeah it is definitely a decent plan to try and move me off my hand here if he realizes this.

      However, then there is still the other guy to act who had previously only checked to the raiser (me) so he can still have a hand here. He will be hard-pressed with his marginal Ax though, so it might still work out.

      In retrospect and from a game theoretical standpoint my line was far from optimal in this spot (as we can figure out what I have here) so if I were to play in a more game-theoretically optimal fashion against a thinking opponent I would have to either bet flop OR turn with my standard sizing.

      In practice however people tend to not exploit certain non-optimal lines, and that was my assumption in the spot against those two villains. If they did realize it though, then more power to them and I need to adjust that in the future

      Hope that helped!
      - Felix
      Live Trainer


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        Yeah that is a great help thanks.

        I know it's easier when you can see the cards

        That was my first live training session. I might come to some more. It was easier to try and figure out what line V was taking as an observer.

        I hardly play 6max NL Hold'em any more but that's what I started playing and I still like to play tournaments. Especially the 6-max ones. I've moved over to the dark side and I'm playing a lot of 6max PLO. Sick sick game!

        Hopefully see you in some MicroMillions events.

        Take it easy.




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