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5NL 6-max Zoom - just scared to get more value

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom - just scared to get more value

    Hi, I couldn't believe this hand. I had managed to chip up a bit but this was a scarey flop. I did what I think is correct from live training - min raise btn 6-max and c/o full ring. No info on the op in a Zoom game but I labeled red (good? player) 3bet ability during the hand. My note after was - "5NL 3b bb 74s my min btn raise, flat my 3x 4b, A2A flop, check raise turn 8, bet Q river - ?" so if I see him again it doesn't really help if my passive play calling down lost me value. The key point in the hand is after checking behind on the flop I called not raised on the turn and the same on the river. So did I miss some value here? Were the op's bets too small in cash games representing a bluff to make better hands fold? Obviously a good Ax or QQ would be a legitimate 3b hand flatting a 4b but oop? A pot size river bet I can't call. But in hindsight you can't get value from a stone cold bluff. What if this happens at 25NL 3b with a decent hand? They won't lead out an A but check raise the turn 8 - what can I do?

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    Hi Forrest,

    I think your line is fine here. Although to a thinking player it kind of turns your hand face up, we will induce bluffs from aggressive players quite frequently in this spot and get our hand to showdown in a medium sized pot which is good for this hand strength. Being aggressive is only going to fold out most worse hands.

    Update the note that his 3b pre was also a min-raise. Next time you'll know, he continued with 74s in a 4b pot and semi-bluffed the turn/bluffed the river, so he sure seems to be a good target for the line you took to maximize value. Taking lines that will encourage more of these mistakes from him when you flop a hand with showdown value will prove to be very profitable, at least until he adjusts (if ever).

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      Thanks Dave, Note on the min 3b. The small bets on turn and river do look suspicious - I get suckered in by them so many times when I'm beat. Yes raising the turn would fold out worse and I wouldn't have got the river bluff. umbup:



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