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A query

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  • A query

    On Saturday night / Sunday morning I was playing on a 5c/10c NL hold'em table and in approx. 700 hands AA vs KK was dealt out 11 times , three of which hands occurred within 25 hands .
    Is this done to the law of large numbers , the law of very large numbers or is it the norm . You dont seem to see this happen this often in tourneys .

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    I have some thoughts

    Was this a zoom table? Most tables run at around 70 hands an hour so you played a ten hour marathon or was it multiple tables?

    was this 6 max or full ring?

    Accuring to my very quick internet search (thank you google), the chance of running into AA if you hold KK is around 1 in twenty.

    And the chance of being dealt KK is 1 in 221

    Of course their are 9 players all with that 1 in 221 chace so those odds come down to 1 in 24 that some one on the table has KK

    so AA v KK should happen once every 491 times given that pokerstars has 25522 tables open at the moment means that pretty much this happens on 51 tables every single deal (if we could convince pokerstars to go hand for hand)

    so yes a very long winded way of saying although unusual not statistically significant. I'm sure someone somewhere is saying to his mates i played ten hours yesterday and my AA didn't come up against KK once.

    you you been in lots of tournies where you were dealt 700 hands?
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      I have noticed, why don't they have hand for hand???


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        The more hands played the greater the rake off by Poker Stars.

        Playing hand for hand all the time reduces the amount of hands played and therefore the amount of rake in any given period.


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          i was playing 1 table for roughly 12 hours . Never been in tourney hwere i have been dealt 700 hands .

          just the other day Friday or Saturday sat down at the same stakes table , played for an hour and a half and saw AA vs KK four times .

          What i have noticed at these tables , and bear in mind these are only 2 incidences , is that if the table is playing pretty tight , lots of folding pre flop , not many flops seen , therefore not much rake to gather , then you get a rash of AA vs KK hands where more than likely the money is going in pre flop and therefore more rake .

          it appears that most cash games are of the micro to low stakes and therefore anything to generate more rake especially if the table is playing tight can only benefit the site . Obviously PS wont care who wins thes showdowns but will happily take the rake when they happen .

          Now this could be down to a run in the RNG , according to the law of very large numbers but it does seem a bit unrealistic .


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            Do you have the hand history from this session i'd liek to look at it.

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            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner



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