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2 NL 6 Max 2 pairs vs Unknown

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  • 2 NL 6 Max 2 pairs vs Unknown

    Villain ghostbear sits in with a $1.60 stack. His very first hand so no read on him yet. So the flop, his line of action was check-raise in a 3way pot. Indicates strength. I'm not sure if he was advanced to do a c/r on a flush or gutshot draw. Turn comes a non-diamond. WIth effective stack size less than pot, he jams. Could it represent a flush draw or a hidden set? Is our 2 pairs hand already beaten most of the time here? Kind of hard to lay down 2 pairs. What would you have done?

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    Firstly you say he is an unknown however he sits down without a full stack, and then posts UTG. Alarm bells would definately be ringing in my head that this guy is somewhat fishy. A5s is definately playable OTB so I like your raise to isolate against a random hand. You get two callers and flop 2 pair it's checked round to you and you bet out 2/3 pot. I would prefer to make a bet of around 19c (3/4 pot) here as there are two opponents and two potential draws but it's still a solid bet. You then get called and then raised, a c/r is a pretty strong line and at this point I'd be less worried about him being on a draw as fish generally c/r as a bluff or with a made hand. Unfortunately we have no reads as to how he values made hands, some fish play TP like it's the nuts so it's difficult to range him Another factor is that you're not closing the action and without reads on sworby's flop calling range it makes it a harder decison. Personally if you think you are ahead of sworby flop calling range then I would ship it here I don't like doing it but against an unknown I think you are ahead of his range and would try and get HU up against him. As played it makes for an even harder spot as sworby also called his flop raise so not sure about this one it's a pretty tricky spot. Be interesting to see what others say. Croyd umbup:
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      Yeah I think with an spr of 6 and 2 pair I'm not folding vs. an unknown. I don't feel fantastic about it but he could do this with 65 or a even just an ace. It's pretty key that the ace on the board is not a diamond, many players will felt top pair+nut flush draw when they have the ace. On balance vs. an unknown fish (like croyd said, sits without a full stack and posts utg) I'm getting it in here.

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        Oks thanks ppl for your input!



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