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  • 2nl QJs On the Button

    In this hand the two players involved are 'skttn' and 'alexxaro'. My reads for these players are: skttn - He is a fishy loose aggressive player, playing 51/30/0 (over 65 hands) with a postflop aggresion factor of 2.8. He likes to stab at pots but will fold when faced with aggression if he doesn't have a decent pair. I haven't played to many pots with him. Preflop his raise is always a min raise. alexxaro - TAG player pre flop playing 19/11/4 (over 83 hands) but postflop becomes more passive playing a fit or fold style he has an aggression factor of 1.0. I haven't seen many showdowns from this player as he either folds or makes his opponent fold. I'm percieved to be very LAG getting involved in quite a few pots and playing them aggressively, although I wouldn't think i'm percieved to be bluff happy.
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    When skttn raises in the CO his range is very wide and i treat this prety much the same as a limp I decide to raise to isolate and get called by the BB and him. I flop TP and there are two draws there so when it's checked to me I bet for value around 3/4 pot as there are two players. The BB calls and skttn folds. The turn comes the 2d I don't really consider this a scary card as I think the BB would fold out any hands pre-flop that just got there making the straight. However as i 3-bet preflop and made quite a sizeable flop bet I decided to check behind so the pot doesn't grow too large. The river is a pretty big brick and he checks to me again, I decided to bet 1/2 pot for value I think lots of med PP will call. However I'm pretty unsure whether I should have checked the turn or did I miss a value bet here? Also is my river bet sizing okay? Thanks for any advice. Croyd umbup:
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    I think you played that hand very well VS those opponents. The Value 3bet vs the super fish is very nice. I think I should do that a little bit more often too umbup: 1 ) It's hard to get more than 1 street of value vs a TAG that plays fit/fold. 2 streets is really the best you can hope for, especially in a 3bet pot. 2) You're hand is marginal. This guy almost never continue facing aggression on the Turn with anything you beat, except maybe a flush draw that he plays very passively. There are not many of those in his range. So I like the check a lot. For river bet sizing: Villain as checked twice, you know you're ahead 90%. It's still possible he's playing a king very conservative, but he most likely have a PP. Time to go to value town . So you are trying to get value from a PP. A huge bet to look bluffly probably would just never work vs this guy. So I think 1/2 PSB is the max I would try. I would probably try to go between 1/4 and 1/3 psb to really make it hard for him to fold if he has anything.


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      oops, double post!


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        I really like the post flop line you took. Pre flop, I would probably just call the raise but you felt you had a strong read on your opponent which made you inclined to 3b for value and to isolate so it's tough to argue with your reasoning.

        Checking the turn behind (although it's pretty standard practice to pot control a hand just like the one you have!) definitely makes your line look a lot bluffier to villain and may make him more inclined to play bluff catcher with his hand (I presume a mid pp? 8s-jj?) I think if you bet the turn for value as well you're likely only getting called by hands that beat you (at the worst KQ) and by the time you come to value bet the river you won't really have the option of folding to a shove with so little left behind. Also, sizing is fine, considering what you're hoping to be called by.
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          I generally flat prelfop in this spot, as I think our hand plays better in position vs. this villain in a single raised pot. Don't get me wrong, 3b for value and to isolate him should be profitable, but I think vs. a guy who is prone to making post flop aggression mistakes it's more profitable to flat him a lot and let him get bets in bad post flop when we flop Q high by leaving him in the lead and allowing him to blast at it.

          Post flop line is good, except I'm not a fan of the value bet on the river. Vs. this villain as described I just don't think he's apt to pay us off with worse, he'll show up with KQs or AQ a lot here when he calls. If we want to try and eek value out of pocket pairs we need to make a smaller token value bet like 1/3-1/4 of the pot, make it something he can't resist. Then when he sees you play top pair like this it may set up some cheap bluffs against him later.

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