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Cash Results Graph Coloured Lines

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  • Cash Results Graph Coloured Lines

    I'm not sure how to analyse the 3 lines- red blue and orange. Hope someone can give me some pointers. Here's an example of my graph at 2NL:

    Red and blue line
    My red and blue lines have always been consistent until I opened up my game and played more loosely. My red line is still spiraling down while my blue line moved up.

    Is it possible to have both red and blue lines positive? What could be the causes of red line in the negative and what can I do to remedy it?

    Orange line
    "All-In EV line". It dropped after I've been calling shoves with pocket pairs, making it 46/54% or 80/20% to win the hand.

    Is the orange line below the green one a positive sign? Players like behappy621's orange line is consistently above green line, how's that possible?

    Generally, what advice should be given to a player with such a graph? Thanks!!!

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    The red line tells you how much money you make without going to showdowns. Usually you will lose money here or break even or have slight winnings. This is due to blinds and also in pots where you put money in, but didn't connect and folded. This will usually always be pretty low at micros, because people don't like folding, that's why you don't really have to worry about this one much. BUT: Look into that a bit more, because it is dropping. Maybe you are calling too much preflop (eg. 3bets or out of the blinds) or on the flop and turn without good odds.

    Blue line looks fine (beside the small drop there).

    The orange All-in-EV-Line is just saying what your expected value in all-in-situations is. This can be an indicator for running bad, if this line is much higher than the green one. BUT: If you have some Set-Ups like KK vs AA your EV will be pretty low, cause you just have 10% chance to win, but there is nothing you can do there. So take a look at your All-in-EV when you feel you have a bad month, but don't look at this line too much.

    What you can do: Analyse hands you lost with an EV thinking. Think about ranges you put your opponent on and rate your play by this. Don't focus on the EV line, because it usually just tells you how much equity you have after your decision, BUT the decision making a call, raise or fold depends on the range you put your villain. Use Pokerstove to put in ranges/hands and look at this EV and if you made +EV or -EV decisions.

    Hope that helped a bit.


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      Yups Schnech, I got a much clearer picture about the lines now! Looking forward to your blog posts!



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