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Post flop playability

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  • Post flop playability

    I've always heard this term "cards got good post flop playability" but I don't really understand it. Can you please fill me in with scenarios what cards have good playability in HU and multiway pots respectively? Thanks!

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    Poker is about situations which is more than just cards.

    Suited connectors are good hands for playing post-flop because there are a lot of flops that benefit them. However they are best played in late position cheaply (no more than a standard raise). These hands have good implied odds when the money is deep enough (another situational consideration).

    My suggestions are to think more about situations than just cards. Some situational considerations are your reads on your opponents, your image, relative and absolute position and your position (those are not in order by the way).

    Being situationally aware opens your poker mind to new possibilities and will change how you view poker.

    Good Decisions!


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      Ic thanks! It's just that this term has been used generally but I couldn't really understand it


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        Another concept that makes these hands easier is their "fit or fold" nature, just like set-mining with small or midsize pocket pairs. You miss and you are gone.

        Good Decisions!


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          as joe stated any hand that makes for easy postflop decisions, is probably considered to have good postflop playability. but stack sizes, image, position, table dynamics, all should play a roll in a hands postflop playability as well. umbup:
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            When evaluating a hand's post flop playability, think about the way you are most likely to connect with the flop. Take K3o vs. T9s. Heads up against each other all in pre, K3o is a small favorite, but does that make it a better hand? Only heads up all in preflop it does. If there was a lot of money left to bet after the flop think about what types of flops you could hit with either hand that you could invest more chips with some confidence. K3 stinks, you're never confident in top pair no kicker when you hit the K, flopping a 3, meh... and there's no draw potential to the hand. With T9s there are a lot of different ways you can connect with the flop that provides both value and semi-bluffing opportunities.

            T9s has more post flop playability than K3o. If a lot of the play (betting wise) is going to take place post flop, I'd rather have the T9s.
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