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2 NL 6 Max ATo multi-way pot bad play

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  • 2 NL 6 Max ATo multi-way pot bad play

    Info: MP: mirak 40/0 after 43 hands. AF: 0.5 CO: alizaz 67/14 after 43 hands. AF: 2.0 SB: stimmo 70/7 after 43 hands. AF: 4.2 BB: tomy 23/14 after 415 hands. AF: 2.6. He's a winning TAG/ABC player, not sure how to categorise him. Preflop: I had experience when I raised 6x or 7x bb with AQ/ AJ with 2 or more limpers, they would still call and making it a very big pot. Sometimes when I miss the flop, I either check the flop making it seem like I'm surrendering, or I have to make a huge cbet. Both I don't like. Thus this hand I decided to just call on the button. Flop: I bet for value, thinking that weaker Aces or flush draw would call. Turn: CO bets small, not sure why. Might be a block bet for flush draw, I still called. River: Both checked. Flush draw would not have made it. I guessed if anyone had Ace, he would have bet. So I decided to bet for value. Perhaps any Kx or Qx will call. Yes indeed Kx got there, I guessed he just called river and not raise because he wanted CO to call too. 1) I guess root of problem was me not raising PF to thin the field. However, if I raised, I forsee 2 or 3 people still calling, inflating the pot. Thus, does that mean that I had to play super tight, only super strong hands, given the table dynamics? 2) Was there anything that could be better in terms of my post-flop thought process? Thanks!!!

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    Hi TW,

    Ok, before watching the hand play out or reading your thoughts, I stopped it to reply: Raise preflop! I would be raising 2 loose limpers here almost all the time, we have position and the best hand vs. their ridiculously loose limping ranges... this is a profitable situation for us so let's increase the stakes for this hand.


    Ok just watched the rest and read your comments... yes you should raise preflop but the reason is for value... punish the limpers and increase the stakes when you are in position with a hand that is basically at the top of their ranges. That the good player probably folds K5 to a raise is not really material, although it's true. Also I doubt he's a good player, he played his hand very poorly post flop imo on all streets. Maybe he's winning over the 400 hands you've got, and maybe even is a small winner over all at 2NL (debatable), but he's not that good is my guess based on this hand.

    I think your flop c-bet is fine, loose fishy limpers will call with a wide range. Doubt anyone has an ace or they probably would have bet into you in a limped pot. But we'll get called by worse... the so called good player called us with 2nd pair, I imagine the super loose guys will call with much worse.

    Turn flat call is ok, it seems like maybe he hit the king or has a flush draw with the king, I wouldn't mind raising for value here either.

    River value bet is good imo, I think we have the best hand the majority of the time here and expect the loose fish to pay us off with KdXd, hope he doesn't have KQ. Not at all expecting the other guy to turn over K5 but not much you can do... I'd value bet this river as well personally.

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