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2 NL 6 Max TPGK turn and river dilema

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  • 2 NL 6 Max TPGK turn and river dilema

    Villain twotime055 was 91/7 after 46 hands. AF: 5.2 Basically, his strategy was to limp to see flops and play aggressive if the board hits him. Previous notes of him: 1) PF shove 55, won opponent's A4s 2) called my big river bet w his 94o on coordinated board T2J9Q (3clubs), my KJ won Flop: He donk bets, I thought he could be on a flush draw while I had 2 overcards so I called. He could have anything. Turn: He donk bets small, could be a block bet for flush draw. I hit TPGK thus I raised it up for value. If he was on flush draw, or held a Ten, he might still call. However, he re-raised me. My alarm bells go off. Thought he might be stealing over here, so I called. River: Good card for us since the flush didn't get there. He could have hit a gutshot if he held 87, but I just thought it was unlikely. This time he donk bets, shoving. I felt super uncomfortable, thought my TPGK would most likely be beat. But the curious side of me convinced me that he could be bluffing or shoving with anything. I would have most likely folded the river, maybe 70% of the time, but the emotional side got better and I called. Would you have made the call at the turn and river given his history and the stand he was taking for this hand? What's your take for this?

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    Hi TW,

    Fold this directly on the flop imo. Your read is: and play aggressive if the board hits him. He takes an aggressive action of donking into you, and then you reason: I thought he could be on a flush draw...He could have anything. Those don't really mesh.

    Maybe he's got a flush draw, maybe he's got a made hand, either way your equity is not great and you can't really expect him to slow down on later streets since he's hyper aggro post flop.

    For a guy that's hyper-aggro, I wouldn't raise this turn because he'll simply fold worse and reraise with a range of hands that are beating us or drawing, we won't know which, and I don't think we can profitably get it in here with top pair. I think the better line is to call again for pot control, and to induce... hyper aggro players are good to induce against when we have decent 1 pair hands.

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