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small pocket pairs OOP

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  • small pocket pairs OOP

    hi. i play 6 max and i always call any pocket pair OOP even an utg opener. Is that a mistake? i do this because 3 bb open seems like a too good price for a chance to win 100 bb stack. but against a good player is it really a profitable play? he is never gonna lose all his money with AA, but with 3 bb i dont have to get all his stack to be profitable, 40 or 50 would be enough but a good player might even lose less than 40 with AA if he feels i have set. so should i always setmine with any pocket pair or not?

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    Pairs OOP

    I like this question, it's something I sometimes struggle with. I ask myself these questions in this situation:

    Stack size. Has villain enough to give me at least 15 times my call in implied odds? This is min requirement to call or I fold 100% (pairs 66 or worse) whatever player type. If higher pair I prefer to 3bet if villains' stack is big.

    Player type. Is he willing to stack off with TPTK /2pair?

    Stats. Can he fold to check raise on flop (esp if his cbet stat is high)?

    If I am on the button or blind I almost always 3bet a cutoff raiser in this situation unless there is a player to my left who is very loose (in which case I call) and call raiser in MP/EP.

    Against tight UTG/MP mostly call. But you have to be able to let go when you miss the flop.

    My thoughts, I'm happy discuss.


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      Hi fyrefli! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with all that PSO has to offer. I don't play 6-max very often, as I'm mostly a full ring tourney player. For me, I'll play small pairs OOP, but don't like open-limping with them (would enter for a std raise). I will gladly limp behind with small pockets as long as I get 15-1 on my chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hi Villmann

        I would guess that "calling with any pair" becomes less profitable the higher the stakes. Personally, I like to have a raiser AND a caller already in the hand before calling with small pairs.

        Also, 3-betting might be better in some spots, especially in the bb vs sb/btn raises.

        I assume you are running some sort of stat tracker. How do your stats look for this situation? With HEM or PT you can filter for exactly these conditions. Let us know if you find anything


        Roland GTX


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          for me it depends.. it depends on the stacksizes most of all. and of course the player types. when im out of position like the blinds i dont have to pay a lot to see a flop so i usually call, sometimes even 3B bluff with very small pp. also keep in mind the players left to act. if you have a verry loose aggressive player left to act, it might not be a good idea to call with small pp ( the pot will be larger when the agressive opponent 3bets, so the odds are not as great, unless you are deep) here is the link to felix's video's all 6 max glumbup:


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            I've actually started folding some small pairs in early position depending who's at my table and to act after me. I like to set mine but as JWK I've also started raising with them especially in position. I think it's good to mix it up, knowing who's at your table sometimes makes up my mind what to do.
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              The 2 main things I look at before set mining with a call is.
              1.)What is their range?
              If they are a NIT raising from UTG, Great!!! becaus they are the one's who are likely to have a hand to stack off with.
              No good set mining someone who is raising 70% of their hands as the times you miss he cbets and you can't stand the pressure and when you hit, he has nothing anyway so just slows down or folds.
              2) The stack sizes.
              No point set mining with a call if they only have 20bb stack.

              Like people have already said, 3betting is a better idea than caling sometimes. It also enables you to widen your 3betting range. If you only 3bet with AA KK QQ & AK and call with all other pairs the better playing will soon realise when you don't 3bet and apply the pressure on you. Making you fold out hands like 99 when you have the best hand.


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                At stakes up to 10NL, you should be fine going set-mining in the blinds provided stack sizes give you the right implied odds, as there are enough players that can't fold TPTK or an overpair even when it should be obvious you spiked a set.
                At higher limits, it's said to be harder to make money with small pairs. You'll typically have to mix it up more, 3-betting sometimes, or making a move post-flop; acting like you hit a set when you actually missed.
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