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2 NL 6 Max lousy bluff

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  • 2 NL 6 Max lousy bluff

    It was my very first hand on the table and I had no history with the villain Orodin, later found out he was multitabling. PF: I decided to call in the SB since KQo had some equity. Flop: Called his cbet. He had more than $2, might not be a fish (my sort of thinking, cos fish normally have got weird less than 100bb stack sizes). Flop would not have hit his range if he was a decent player, I decided to bluff him since it was a coordinated board with straight and flush draw. Turn: Came a second 8. Would be a good card for bluff. I didn't think why he would bet, just c/r him to take down the pot, representing TP turned trips. He still called. River: Things went awry, I didn't have a plan to stop, thought that I should bluff all the way. Wasn't strong enough to fold his overpair JJ and my stack was gone. Thus, what are your thoughts on this bluff? How should I have made it better? Generally, what sort of situations or villain types would this bluff be profitable in the long run? Looking back, I really shouldn't have tried to pull this off against a total unknown at 2NL
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    micro stakes bluffs

    The general rule about bluffing in micro stakes is: DON'T! There are players you can bluff when you get solid reads on them, but there are far too many who will call off their stack with even less than an over pair to the board to make bluffing profitable without a good read. If you are going to tell a story, make sure your audience is listening first. Many micro players just play their own cards.

    Good luck
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      Originally posted by TheAwesomeNW View Post
      Looking back, I really shouldn't have tried to pull this off against a total unknown at 2NL

      I would only try and bluff at 10nl above, the opponent would need to be a thinking Tag, and has taken a weak line in the said hand.

      Kudos trying to pull one off 2nl. Just concentrate playing straight forward and getting your money in with big bets as they will call anything at 2nl.


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        Yeah, the best thing to do here is not bluff a total unknown. At any low or mid stake really but especially in the micros. If you were going to do anything special here the best line is to 3b pre and lead most flops, as you'll get some folds when they're opening wide and some calls that will fold when the miss the flop. Seriously though, don't even bother read-less

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          Thanks a lot ppl! Another question, how about float play? Is it considered a bluff? I've been using it and works at time when I sense that villain's aggression stopped as his range missed the board. How appropriate is float play at 2NL given your experience?



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