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Reviewing Sessions

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  • Reviewing Sessions

    Other than reviewing large pots you were in do you do the same for opponents to pick up reads on them. I find this very tedious doing it for 1,500 hands. Do you have any tips on making this process easier as well as more effective ?

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    I was playing around my Hold'em manager this morning so I figured I tell you what I usually review. I review every couple of thousands hands, plus the big spots after every session (so I wont get obsessed with them) First off, for me, sessions reviews goes with objectives reviews. There are so many aspects in poker, I think it's important you work on some more specific ones, so you can focus your energy while playing and studying on those aspects. Then, when you review, you know which parts you want to check in details. Once you feel you got better at those things, you can move on to some new objectives, where you think you need to put more energy. Keep a list of your objectives! And check them before playing! NOTE: for all reviews, once I check my general stats over all hands, I always check the hands where VPIP is positive (Filter for VPIP=True). I expect I should be seeing green everywhere now, over a decent sample. If not: I'm checking in more details the hands. And take notes of my common mistakes when I find some, or tough spots. 1) Tilt check up (i always do it, there is always room for improvement here umbup. A. Compare your sessions length while winning and losing. It turns out my losing session tend to be 1h30 + and my winning sessions around 1h. Especially when I am down around 1 buy-in. (I know i my case it's a combination of losing tilt and winning tilt. So mandatory break after 1 hour of play for me. Got it. B. Figure out in which conditions your big spews happens. Were you ahead and got it all in recklessly? Were you losing and was on tilt? If you can find it, then find out how to avoid those spots. (and put it on your list!) 2) Preflop hands strengh grouping. In the reports, I select the Hand Groupings options. It gives you your results by specific hands type. A. Check out your losers.. Review those hands more specifically. Is it just variance, if not, what's wrong? Post a few where you're not sure to get some input. Note: for the other non suited hands: remember that if you play 6 max, you are in the BB 16,6 times per 100 hands. So if you are losing around that or just a little under that, you're doing fine. you're just folding junk from the BB. If you are losing much more. then check them out more carefully! B. Check out the winners as well. Pocket aces should be at the top (or very close) along with big pairs. Are they big winners like they should? Are you spewing some chips/stacks over playing them? What about big aces? It's worth a look. 3. Position play. Everything should be positive except blind play, especially button and cutoff. A. If you filter out only for VPIP=True: you should be green every position. Check out those categories more carefully. 4. Preflop Activity In reports still, select Preflop Activities. A. Check out all categories. Unopened, and limpers should easily be positive. When I do that review, I take a small note at every hand I think I played badly, or I was unsure, no matter if I won or lost. Then I can check which categories have more notes and work on those type of plays. Also, once you have those notes, you can check out more specific details using filters. For examples, you could check small pocket pairs play on the flop, when you didn't hit a set. So in the filter you'd select: Hole cards: 22-99. More filters: Saw Flop = True, Hand Values: one pair - pocket pair - overpair, second pair and third pair Or 3bet pot play. More filters: Did 3Bet = True Face Preflop 3 Bet = True Another thing: a couple of thousands hands is a small sample. For some categories you'll only have a little above 100. It doesn't mean that because you're biggest lost was just a bad beat (or tilt?) that you should overlook all other spots. It's still worth a review of some hands. Once my review is done, I check out which objectives I achieved, and which I still need to work on. I also update or add new ones.


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      Hi all! I don't use a HUD, so I don't review my sessions/tournies that way. I do however go thru the hand histories, not only looking at the larger pots or any other key situations, but I will look thru them for anything that looks out of line, either from me or from any of my opponents and make a note based on what I see. For example, if I see a player playing any Ax, any suited cards, etc.. these are things that I will put into my notes on the players to use in the future. Of course, I'll look for many other things in their play too. It is tedious, but the more notes/reads that I can pick up on a player, the better off I'll be when I see them again. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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