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2nl AK on 222 board

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  • 2nl AK on 222 board

    Maks.spz is a loose passive player he has limp/folded a few times now and often call down with weak hands. I don't have too much info on marut85 although he seems to be a fairly loose passive player pre-flop but does raise sometimes he is running 30/10 (only over 31 hands though). He also seems to get more aggro postflop but I haven't seen any showdowns with him yet to see if he is bluffin or overvaluing weak hands.
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    When marut raises to 10c I think he is on high cards or maybe a med-high PP I decide to 3-bet to gain initiative in the pot and I also think this will get the pot HU a lot of the time as maks.spz will foldout most of his weak holdings. Both players call and the flop comes 222, I'm not sure if this is a good flop for me as both there ranges are pretty similar consisting of med PP and overcards. I bet out however I'm really unsure whether I should have bet here, marut then goes all in. Just wondering if I could get some advice on both my flop bet and whether to call maruts bet. Here are my thoughts... I bet the fop for value as I figure the type of opponent that will call will obviously be calling with nearly all PP and overcards however I think against this calling range I have pretty decent equity as I have 2 overs I can hit. However by betting I committed myself as when marut shoved I was getting nearly 4-1 and therefore only needed around 20% equity to call against there ranges of any PP's and fairly good broadway cards I have this equity... Cheers for any advice and sorry if the post is a bit sketchy, finding it hard to get my point across with this hand. Thanks again, Croyd umbup:
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    Hi Croyd,

    I don't like 3-betting preflop in this spot personally. The preflop raiser is more loose-passive but prone to making post flop aggro mistakes... when he raises to 5x isolating the fishy limper I think he rates to have a pretty strong hand (i.e. not folding to our 3b) and we're just bloating the pot out of position with a hand that is hard to play when it misses the flop. Against players who make a lot of mistakes post flop I think it's better to keep the pot small out of position and take advantage of their post flop play to get extra value when we improve our AK. Additionally you mentioned 3b to get heads up but we don't want to blow the fish out of the pot (turns out we didn't anyway lol), we want him calling since he's got so many worse hands and will stack the rest off to our top/top so often post.

    I like c-betting but we don't need to bet this much, if they have a pocket pair they're never folding, and if they have just big cards, they're always folding (maybe not the big fish but he's got no stack left anyway). As played we are priced in to call his shove although I don't like it... I think he's very unlikely to have just big cards, the way the hand has played out I think he's got a middle to mid-high pocket pair that was simply looking for no ace/no king on the flop to jam. Trouble is we've bloated the pot so much now that we have priced in our stack, even against 88+ we have 25% equity. If we through in any combos at all of just big cards and our equity jumps up from there. So it's a crying call imo.

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      When I 3-bet I didn't really think about what happened if I missed. I understand that it's better not to bloat the pot OOP as I can outplay him postflop when I do hit and get away cheaper when I miss. Also I decided to call as I felt I was getting the right odds against their ranges, I was quite relieved to see them both roll over AQo. Thanks for the evaluation dave. Croyd umbup:
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