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10NL 6max A7s flush draw

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  • 10NL 6max A7s flush draw

    Villain2: Just entered the table, stats from previous encounters tell me he is loose aggressive. Villain3: Solid tight aggressive. Villain4: Hard to say, sometimes complete maniac (ai pf and ai reraise many times in a row), other times tight aggressive. I would not have entered the pot if Villain4 hadn't called before me. Also, I would have folded after Villain2's reraise if both of the guys in front of me would have folded. Is it still too loose a play with just A7s? I was just planning to "flush mine" and ready to release my hand if an A hits the flop and either one bets. How about my reraise on the flop? Villain2 did not c-bet, so I put him on overcards. Not sure about Villain3. Villain4's low bet seemed to show weakness to me and I was willing to get it all in with him. Before he folded, he showed me JJ, one them a spade. I was very surprised he folded, he obviously put me on a set.

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    Hi AC,

    This is just a fold preflop imo. The flat of the original raise is ok after player 4 has entered, but I don't like calling the 3b even closing the action. We are not flopping strong (including flush draws) often enough.

    As for the flop raise, not sure I like it vs. the villain as described, but I also can't fathom how he's ever folding JJ face up here as described, so wow. If he 3b jams which you said he's prone to doing we are just playing a huge pot in a marginal spot, so it's quite high variance, and we are not giving the other 2 players a chance to make a mistake either by shutting them out of the pot, reducing our price to draw. Now if we have fold equity on a semi-bluff that may be different, but the read you gave led me to believe we had very little fold equity, and in fact we had massive fold equity since the guy folded JJ face up (which is not a good fold imo), so I think we need to reassess the read.

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