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2nl KK not much info on villain

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  • 2nl KK not much info on villain

    Only been at the table for 14 hands. The villain doesn't seem a very good player from what has been observed, he also seems pretty passive postflop. Haven't seen him take any hands to showdown yet. I re-raise pre for obvious reasons and continued to bet the flop for value (pretty big) as I think am likely to get called by overcards and worse PP's. When he checks to me again on the turn I bet for value again he is pretty short so I bet 2/3 pot, he then min re-raises me which I did not expect at all.
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    I think once I get re-raised here he is showing a lot of strength and I should probably fold. Is this correct or could he ever do this with a worse hand? Also I bet the turn as I thought stubborn overcards may call as well as med PP or a spiked T however I did not plan ahead in case I got raised. If I had done so I might have been inclined to check back the turn, would this have been a better play? Thanks for any advice Croyd umbup:
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    Hi Croyd,

    I am not an expert, but since you said he is probably not a good player, I would not give him too much credit for his check-raise. He might be doing this with any overpair and any Tx type of hand, where x is J or higher. And of course also with any 9, p5 and pT.

    I think that against this range of hands you still stand better than 30:70 (didn't check though). This would give you valid pot odds. So imho, I would definitely call or actually put him all in for his remaining few chips.



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      Yeah, I think your line is fine. 2.5 orbits is not enough info but the general feeling that he's fishy plus the odd non-standard stack size also indicates this may well be the case, and I'm not folding to him. The spr is 5 and I think although he's definitely showing a lot of strength and I'm not thrilled by this turn action, he may well do this with QQ or JJ not realizing relative hand strength these are not monsters here. I don't mind barreling for value here, and think we are committed vs. a player that is largely an unknown in a low spr spot. Raise a bit larger pre is about all I'd do different, when we expect to get loose action charge them more and bloat the pot a bit more, lowering the spr a bit. umbup: Dave
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