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Color Coding

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  • Color Coding

    When color villains is it okay to have 4 color scheme or would it be better to go deep into each 4 types of villains and differentiate between them. e.g LAG in this you would have maniacs,good lags(regs) and bad lags (LAG will some loose passive tendencies ) or would I better over complicating the color coding system by doing this ?

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    Hi animo,

    I think for a color coding scheme you can do whatever suits you best, it's more of a personal preference in terms of what's better for you. Many prefer to keep it more simple or generic and use notes to make the details, but really you can get as generic or detailed as you like.

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      Hi animosama, This is a good one for the number of times I've changed colors and titles. Removed all the rude words now. I start with two colors that only appear in cash games and two representing the same things for SNGs So I will instantly spot a tournament player in deep cash and vise versa. Generally bad play vs good play. So IMO limps / limp calls / huge opens / over bets not getting value is bad and consistently sized PFR / 3bet ability / check raises / value betting is good. Cash: Orange = Bad / Red = Good SNG: Dark blue = Bad / Light Blue = Good Now generic labels for loose / tight / wild play. Loose is not really a high VPiP (I don't use a HUD just single table observation) it's more whattf? You called a raise with that? Two outs on the river and you still called then sucked out. Tight is a player you forgot was at the table and then they raise. Then there is the mad player. Yellow = Loose / Turquoise = Tight / Green = Maniac Best compliment color is for when you see a play and think wow! And try to take lots of notes of the play. Probably not if it stacked you - just get take a break. Purple = Very Good Player For the generic labels I may take a note to where I've seen this play before in Cash or SNG. Just the way I'm approaching things now. umbup:


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        thank you



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