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2 NL 6 Max TPTK missing value?

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  • 2 NL 6 Max TPTK missing value?

    Villain was 48/33 after 110 hands. AF: 5.1 I had a tight image I decided to 3bet him since I had a premium hand against his loose PFR plus I was on the button. He could have a wide range of cards. Flop: TPTK for me. He donk bets into me, could be on flush draw semi-bluffing trying to take down pot. Or could have 2 pairs AT, didn't know what to put him on. Called him since I almost had the best hand. If he had AA, he would have 4 bet me, or c/r me on the flop. Turn: Not exactly a good card for me if he held ATo+. 2 pairs might have gotten there. Spades flush draw missed, he donk bets small this time. I just called River: 9s comes, would have completed spades flush draw or any straight draws possible. Villain checks surprisingly. I checked, thinking not overplaying TPTK So I was wondering if I had missed out value by checking on the river. I reflected, if he made his flush or 2 pairs, he would have most likely river bet. However, it was also possible that he was laying a trap to c/r me on the river. Thus, is this one of the situations I should have river bet, maximising value, despite the board texture having so many draws? And should I have reraised on the turn, giving worse odds for flush to complete? Thanks

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    Hi TW,

    I like your flop and turn line just fine against a hyper-aggro villain like this one... he's probably leading with a weak ace or just air, when you have an opponent who spews chips by being over-aggro and probably bluffing too much, taking lines to encourage him to do more of the same with this type of hand strength is good imo.

    I would value bet the river for sure when he checks, I feel like this guy is almost always betting better hands himself, and we will get paid by A-x for sure so a value bet is in order imo.

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