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flopping weak hand

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  • flopping weak hand

    hi. how should i play weak hands when opponent cbets me? say im on big blind with 57 suited and button steals. i defend and call and flop comes 5TK i check and he c bets. should i call and fold the turn or raise his flop cbet as a semibluff to take the initiative? what is the correct raise flop cbet percentage in 6 max no limit holdem?

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    As in most things poker, it depends.

    Have you got a read on your opp. what would you normally expect him to do in that situation.

    I would not have defended the blind with that holding, by defending, imo, you put yourself in a position where you have to make a difficult decision if your opp cbets as he did in this case.

    with regard to % cbet raise, again it depends on position and opps stack size, if both were favorable i would usually cbet half the pot, but thats just my view, perhaps others would play it differently. Personally i dont think that there is a wrong or right way to play any given hand, it just depends on the situation at the time.

    Hope that helps.


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      Weak hands V cbet

      If you decide to defend with this hand you should 3bet, at least 3 times the raise. Having said that I would normally fold unless the button is getting out of line, say stealing more than 50% of the time. If this is the case a raise is Ok to show that you won't be pushed around. Even if he then comes over top (in which case you should fold), at least you have indicated a willingness to fight.

      This is quite common at micro and low stakes. You will find that you get bullied less after you fight back, even if you loose a couple of pots. A bit like life really.

      If he calls your raise then you will have the initiative on the flop and you can cbet to give him the difficult decision when you have shown strength preflop.



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