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Was this too loose or just fine even for a deep stack?

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  • Was this too loose or just fine even for a deep stack?

    Hi guys, not long ago I decided that instead of moving to 50nl normal stack I would start playing 25nl deep stack with ante for more spice and improve all my 'range' of moves and plays. I had not long been seated on this table when this happened. I was dealt A8D and I had noticed that on this table a lot of limping was going on so after the guy before me limped I thought I had a perfect hand to limp with which I did, someone raised and everyone called him and so did I. I must say I had no reads on any of them. Thoughts, I thought one of them had a set and the other one 2pair or straight. My worries were if any of them had any diamonds... Question is in deep stack is it still good to play it the way I did. Thank god I was wrong and no one had a set or 2pair with a K!!! Thanks in advance Etienne

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    Hi Etienne,

    I don't understand the deep stack & anti dynamic of cash games but just an observation.

    A8s limping behind mp? Fold / Call - ok. I can't raise. You'd expect an isolation raise though!

    c/o does but it's too small and invites action. Obligatory call maybe but what do you expect on the flop?

    c/o nearly pots it - so has hit the flop big - you have a nut flush and gut shot - is AJ+ / TT / 99 in the isolation raise?

    Wow sb raises to $7.72 you have 2:1 pot odds to call if you have 15 outs - you don't so it's definitely a fold for me now.

    ok so you call and despite the sb re-raise the c/o is going for it and raises again and then is re-raised to $64.06.

    Would this be the time to fold?

    $110.39 pot you have invested $54.40 so far now it's for the rest of your stack.

    IMO yes call now.

    I read somewhere if an opponent is all-in on the flop you now have better odds flop to river.

    So now considering only a flush draw with 9 outs you have nice 2:1 to call.

    Lets see what the analyzers say.
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      Hi Etienne,

      I don't like how you played it, 250 bb's or 100 bb's deep. I would generally prefer to put in a raise preflop over a limper, rather than limp along and set myself up to get raised behind me. Lucky for us the raiser only made it 3x which is way too small over 2 limpers, so we have an easy call multi-way when it comes back to us and don't really get punished preflop.

      Plot flop if you believe someone has QJ and someone has 2 pair+, you're not getting quite the right price to draw (you have about 29% equity vs that range). You're close with the nut flush draw, but the part I really don't like is that you're just calling off your stack rather than taking an aggressive action. Deep stacked you have good fold equity to leverage, so I suggest taking a semi-bluffing line, once it goes bet, raise... if you're going to continue then put in a big reraise, rather than just call off. If you think they are both super strong they won't fold, but you can get worse flush draws in maybe plus someone overplaying AK.

      Consider playing big draws aggressively, it will often increase your equity of the situation.

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