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Betting a straight card on the river that also completes flushes

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  • Betting a straight card on the river that also completes flushes

    I was playing 'creatively' a bit here - the opp to my left got out of the way and left me against an opponent who was making weak bets. My pair improved to a straight with a club that completed runner/runner flushes but I bet the river and got reraised - what type of hands could my opp have and how much equity do I have in the pot? Should I call or go away? They only have a smallish stack so if I am staying in should I shove back? Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    ***moved to HA since member has ?'s on the hand JWK24***

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      Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
      ***moved to HA since member has ?'s on the hand JWK24***
      Well that is where I meant to put it - time for another visit to the optometrist?

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        Hi Ed,

        The villain starts the hand with an odd short stack of 76bb's so he's probably not a good player. I don't like getting min-raised on the river, that's usually a sign if great strength, but vs. a bad player I would at least call here as they might over value 2 pair or sets, or even have a hand like A9 and be raising with the same straight.

        I'm not sure about putting him the rest of the way in. There are a lot of ways we can be beat here obviously. I expect him to always call off the last .52c since he just min-raised the river for more than this, so the way to evaluate is if we think we will be winning more than half the time, we should put it in, and if we don't, we should just call. I think it's close here, so it's not a very important decision either way. Given how strong his river raise looks to me though I'll err on the side of caution and just call.

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          Thanks Dave, The opponent went on to prove himself a poor player - so I think a call here was justifiable. I don't think I played the hand too well either tbh - but it was one of those I thought I was probably ahead from the flop due to his weak line - but wasn't committed enough to the hand to test him on earlier streets. I didn't contemplate shoving back on the river at the time, that was an afterthought when I reviewed the hand, with added info having seen him play so badly after this hand and call off several worst hands that he got overcommitted to until he bust and left. Here was the outcome. Sadly he did have it here - which almost seems to prove how bad he was until he finally hits a big river. I think if he missed the flush he would still have called my river bet with the 77, (that seemed to be his only line of play in this type of situation in later hands anyway) but the reraise obviously meant he had something and this time it was not the worst. Cheers and good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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