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How do you play against limpers?

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  • How do you play against limpers?

    I've been playing 25NL for a while now and it fascinates me to see 1 or 2 limpers at every table I play. So my question is this:

    These players will ALWAYS limp in with the BB value where ever they are sitting when they are the first to act. When I raise to my usual amount of 3BB + 1 for each player involve, the limpers will call 75-85% of the time.
    On the flop they will min bet and again call your raise. They will fold at one point but only after not catching anything after the turn. If they do catch anything, even just a small pair, they're in till the end

    Today I had KK, flop comes K96 rainbow, I raise to 75% of pot, he calls, turn is a 2, again I raise 75% of pot he calls, river is a 2, again 75% of pot and he called with a 92

    So how do you play these fishes?

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    They are the best opponents to have!

    Raise to isolate them with a wider range of value hands, and no bluffs. Post flop do not try to bluff them when you miss, simply give them the small pots where you miss and they make something. And take them to valuetown early and often when you rate to have the best hand. The results should look a lot like this:

    -You win a smallish pot when they miss and give up
    -They win a smallish pot when you miss and they have something
    -You win a medium to large size pot when you have a decent hand and they pay off too light
    -You occasionally lose a medium sized pot when you get coolered, but since this opponent type tends to only raise with very strong hands, you shouldn't often lose a large pot here as you can get away unless it's a true cooler like full house over full house or 2nd nut flush vs nut flush.

    Bullet points 1 and 2 on average you are generally going to make a small profit on. Bullet points 3 and 4 on average should be decidedly in your favor from a profit perspective.

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