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adjusting to 3 bettors

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  • adjusting to 3 bettors

    hi. i was playing nl 100 zoom 6 max today and found myself in a situation where almost every time i opened i got 3 bet. what is the right adjustment? figured myself that it would be to steal only with strong hands and be extremely tight but worried about losing too much money with blinds then. and what hands should i call ?

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    I'm assuming you are playing deep stacked but since you didn't say I'll just assume 100bb stack and many of your 3b opponents cover. It's a bit different from a normal table where a dynamic has developed with someone 3b you too frequently... since it's zoom it's different people all the time. In this case I would take a general default approach:

    1) Open a bit tighter. If you have been playing for a while, your opponents are probably running HUDs at 100nl (many are at least) and have built up enough history to know if you're out of line stealing too much.

    2) 4b for value with big hands.

    3) Mix in some light 4-bets once you have some data on opponents and find they are having a high 3b frequency. I might do this with ace blocker type hands, less likely to run into AA or AK and easy folds to 5b shoves.

    4) Call a bit in position with deceptive hands that have some post flop playability. You must be in position because you will be looking to take the pot away once in a while on board textures that are bad for a preflop 3b range or that look good for your range.

    5) Continue to fold your non-value opens when you are 3b and will be out of position. Don't give up that much edge by trying to continue OOP in a bloated pot without the initiative.

    Ultimately start with #1, it's the easiest to do and won't get you into difficult or sticky spots post flop as often. You should already be doing the 2nd one, and the 5th one. Just a sprinkle of 3 and 4 should be plenty to start making you harder to play against.

    Hope this helps.

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