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How to play JJ in this position ?

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  • How to play JJ in this position ?

    The short stack had come to the table shortish with like 40-50BB steadily lost them due to bad play. After his shove with about 17BB i was confident i was within his range with JJ. But i didnt really know how to play it... and as you'll see i played it terribly and made a hideous call which i am ashamed of lol I'd like to know the best way about playing this and similar situations, with a decent hand but with players still to act. I realise from analysing this in my head that I did not have a proper plan, which after steadily going through TheLangolier's videos i really should have lol So i was thinking should my plan be: To Fold? To Call with intention of folding to shove? To raise with intention of folding to shove? To shove all in? i dont think this is the best idea though Cheers for all thoughts and comments.

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    Hi cattons,

    I think this was just a cooler that you ran into a bigger hand in the 3 remaining players.

    I would never fold preflop to the 17bb shove, especially from a weak player... this is never an option.

    Calling his shove looks pretty strong (it can look like you're begging for more action) so this option is fine. Whether or not to fold to a shove depends for me on the opponent. If it's a tight player coming back over the top JJ is a pretty easy fold. If it's an aggressive player that may try to iso the short fish lighter, I'm getting it in with JJ since we'll be up against enough worse hands (AK/AQ/TT/99 probably, at least) to get the money in. Stack size can impact that too... like I wouldn't fold the the button since he's only got 40bb's anyway.

    As played, you need about 28% equity to call off to the BB, if he's shoving AK it's an easy call (although not a happy one), if he's tight and likely not shoving AK then it's probably a fold, although given how much money is in the pot if he may do this with AKs at least it's not a big mistake to call.

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