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JJ 5nl erratic villain

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  • JJ 5nl erratic villain

    Didn't really have a solid read on the villain, the only way I could describe him is erratic. He was running 25/17 over 60 hands and had no consitency to his bet sizing or starting hands. He was reasonably aggro post flop (AF 2.75) and often bet big post flop sometimes like 5 times the pot. I hadn't seen him 4-bet before this hand, but i had a little history in some other hands were he pushed me off a hand on a pretty dry board. And then later I called down a big river bet with top pair when he was bluffing (again on a pretty dry board).
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    What is the best play in this position, as if I just call it is likely he will just put me all in the flop. So is it better just to fold or shove? Thanks for any advice Croyd umbup:
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    Hi Croyd,

    Given the info on this opponent, I would actually sometimes just flat his initial raise and play the pot in position with a high spr. You have to be comfortable in your post flop decision making for this though, since this guy is prone to putting heat on and it's more tricky when an overcard is out there.

    If I 3b here vs. an erratic opponent with this kind of history, I would be intending to get it all in pre vs. a 4b holding JJ, so that's my preference over flatting. Interesting bet sizing by the villain here that leads me to wonder if there is some method to his madness... if you do call there will be about $3.80 in the pot and you'll have about $3.80 left. He can shove the flop for a pot sized bet and put you in a difficult spot on some flop textures. With the history and what's gone on thus far, I'm not wanting to go there... would much rather flat pre and keep the pot small, using my position and hand reading skills to gain a bigger post flop edge, or 5b jam over his 4b removing any guesswork from the remainder of the hand.

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      Hi dave Great analysis as always I decided that I couldn't really make flatting profitable as he would be able to shove a lot of flops making my like difficult, so I decided to 5b jam. I thought I was ahead of his range, however I think I may have misread the situation as I hadn't seen any over aggressive moves pre-flop so perhaps this was a sign that he had a real hand. In the end he had KK I think or maybe AA, anyway safe to say I lost but thanks for the eval. Croyd umbup:
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