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  • on the tables

    hi all did not know where to post this but as it cash nl i thought i would put it here, through out the day i will be flirting amounst the cash tables 1c 2c if any good cash can silently pop in for ten on the rail and see if they can spot my leaks appreciated,and just post on here with my leaks please if you have the time ty.
    my buyin will be 80c so you know where im at

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    Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
    my buyin will be 80c so you know where im at
    Dear god....

    You will NEVER get better if you don't take the advice we have been giving you for two years. Also, you're hidden so we can't see you.

    Last edited by Feskprins; Tue Jun 05, 2012, 04:36 PM.


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      dont know how that happened turned on now,i have listened to the advice fesk on tourney play now its cash table time for advice.different style different format,
      $2.15 first table of the day and they all ran off lol
      need cash advice the more the better!


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        Buy in for a full stack of 100bbs, at 2nl that would be $2. Attack the weak players depending on what their tendencies are. If they call too much, then take them to value town. If they fold too much, be inclined to bluff more often. If they bluff often, call them down more often. If they overplay their one pair hands such as AK on an Axx board, play more speculative hands.



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          Originally posted by Feskprins View Post
          Buy in for a full stack of 100bbs, at 2nl that would be $2. Attack the weak players depending on what their tendencies are. If they call too much, then take them to value town. If they fold too much, be inclined to bluff more often. If they bluff often, call them down more often. If they overplay their one pair hands such as AK on an Axx board, play more speculative hands.

          Seconded. I've been playing a few 1¢/2¢ tables lately, making money like this.
          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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            To be honest, holdemace, you need to table select better. You're not gonna win anything on this table. I would have changed table 30 minutes ago.



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              lol i wish i had read that 30 mins ago fesk,thx for the railing,so is it the fact im not looking too pick on the lesser players but trying to attack every1 as such?
              in fact putting myself into trouble and not respecting other good players at the table?

              I should find tables with a few fishes and pick on them instead of just picking any old table will do?

              thx havo as well for railing apprecicated


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                Great advice by Fesk!

                I would add, if you are a tournament player who is brand new to cash games, buying in for the minimum while you get your proverbial feet wet isn't a bad thing. As a tourney player you won't be used to deep stack play and the short stack buy in might be better suited to the stack size situations you're more familiar with (sometimes hands play completely differently 100+ bb's deep than they do 20 bb's deep). You can always top up your stack at any time. gl!
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                  First impression after watching you play 40 hands

                  - Sitting at a table were everyone as a $5 stack and you have $2, shows weakness in your part. Know how to pick the right tables. You need to have more than the players or at least equal

                  - In 40 hands, you played 43% of them (17 out of 40). That's a big sign on your forehead saying "I'm a fish, come and get me"

                  - You play out of position (often UTG)
                  - You always make a continuous bet on every hand you play, learn to check also
                  - You often call to a raise on the flop, then fold

                  Early Conclusion
                  - You throw a lot of money away

                  - Learn about position, betting and know when to let go

                  I've played 140,000 hands since Jan 1st
                  I started at .05 and I'm now at .50
                  I went from $0 to $1,454 as of last night (BR at beginning was $80)
                  I watch videos 3-4 times a week and I'm also reading a book
                  Here's my blog:



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                    thx guys for the solid advice there and duely noted and sry for any misunderstandings in my posts we not all literature geniuses lol


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                      and great goals sandtrap maybe that is something im missing to have goals.


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                        Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
                        thx havo as well for railing apprecicated
                        My pleasure.

                        Looking at how you played, I'm think you might benefit from playing similar to me by finding a passive full ring table, blind steal when you can, steal pots with dry boards with 1 or 2 limpers and play more tighter. When you do come in with your premiums, raise to 3bb (0.06¢), that'll narrow down the players to 1 or 2.
                        Post flop, most will fold to a c-bet if they don't hit, or will go fishing and fold on or before the river. If they bet, I usually take it as red and fold. That said, not everyone will be this easy, so pay attention to what the other players do, this will tell you if this will work against them or not.

                        I wouldn't say this is the best strategy, but it should bring in a small amount of change whilst building your confidence.

                        Best of luck out there.
                        'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                          First off, sorry for taking all your chips. But I have to be honest, it was like taking candy from a baby. Your bluffs make absolutely no sense and you play bluffs, draws and made hands differently. The best bluffs don't look like bluffs. When you donk bet .26 into a pot of .08 on a rag board, what are you trying to represent? He'd still only call you with better. And if you had a real hand, you'll fold out his worse hands. Unfortunately I wasn't seated at the table during that hand, but it was extremely weird. It made no sense.

                          Secondly, you're way too spewy. It's good to be aggressive, but you're just being aggressive for the sake of being aggressive, but you still fold when you face resistance. I let you spew off chips and then I just raised you with any two cards and you'd fold, on multiple occasions.

                          What are you trying to accomplish with your bets? I'd say that the reasons for betting would be:
                          - For value
                          - For protection against draws
                          - As a bluff (RARELY bluff, you bluff WAY too often)

                          When you bet, consider:
                          - What worse hands do you think I would call with?
                          - What better hands do you think I would fold?
                          - How do you continue if the turn or river is a semi-bad or bad card?
                          - If I raise, what do you do?
                          - Can you improve your hand against the range of hands you put me on?
                          - Bet sizing, give me bad pot odds if you think a majority of my range consists of draws/bet as much as you think I would call

                          Your stats were off the chart. You were 68/42/5.2 and I think I know the reason why. You started out playing on the tighter side when I sat down. However, after a few hands, I was up a great deal of money. My stats were 54/39/2.80. My loose and aggressive style was paying off and I didn't let anyone on the table in. I'm not an expert player, but the difference between you and me is that I played a LAG style because it was profitable, and I picked profitable spots for it. I made my trash hands look like monsters and my monster hands to look like bluffs. Still, I didn't get out of line and pay off when others had big hands (okay, once, but I did that on purpose to prove a point as I mentioned prior to my actions, in the chat). I adjusted to the table correctly by making the table adjust to me in an incorrect way, causing them to make mistakes and fold big hands or make light calls. I have worked my ass off to harness this skill while you haven't. Tighten up a little, pick your spots, and play them accordingly. Tight is right, everything else is adjusting to your table.

                          One more thing. Never, EVER open fold. I saw you do this FIVE times in 80 hands. Three of them were against me. In one of them, I was going to give up the pot because I whiffed and I felt like it hit your range. Before the action got to me, you folded. It cost you money.

                          The weirdest part though was your betting lines. They made absolutely no sense. You open UTG for a 3x raise, get a caller and you see a flop. You bet the size of the pot and the villain calls. Then you bet like (off the top of my head) .08c into a pot of ~.40c. What are you trying to accomplish with this bet? He's never folding, and you're giving him good odds to call with pretty much any hand to improve. This is neither a bluff nor for value. Don't bet just to bet, know why you're taking an action.

                          You need to be more positionally aware. You raised from any position with random open raise sizes, ranging from a minraise to 4x. This again costs you money, as you're giving away information about your hand, whether you're aware of it or not. Choose a standard raise size and stick to it. I personally play a looser style at both 5nl and 10nl, so I like to keep my raises on the smaller side since I'm involved in more pots. I go for 3x. Of course, I can adjust this in specific spots, but let's not talk about that now since it's too advanced to fit in one post.

                          When you decide to play a hand, always be aware what your position will be after the flop. If you get to see what your opponents do before you act, you have maximum information and also more liberty to decide how the hand proceeds (i.e. checking behind for a free card, taking a stab at the pot if opponent(s) show weakness etc).
                          >>>>>>POSITION IS KING, POSITION MAKES YOU MONEY<<<<<<

                          I'll post a few hands in the next post.



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                            I deleted this entire post along with the hands and my comments on them. Why I did that is because your game is so random I'd have to post almost all of the 80+ hands. You raise too much, you cbet too much and too little at the same time, you call to much, you check too much, you do everything too much!

                            I honestly don't know what to say... Attend the live training sessions, watch the videos in the library, especially 6max reviews, post your hands for analysis and actually ABSORB the replies you get and UNDERSTAND WHY another line would be better. I know it's hard to just accept that you're doing it wrong and in the heat of the moment when you're sitting in a hand with a decision to make, listen to your brain and not your testicles. Extract as much money as you can from both hand equity and fold equity and don't put money in the pot when you don't have the best of it and there's no fold equity.

                            I really wish I could give you specific points to work on, but to be honest, you're actually worse than a beginner. I'd start with the fundamentals such as odds, pot odds, implied odds, hand reading and ranging, importance of position, and table selection.

                            And attend the live training sessions and watch the video archive.



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                              interesting post there fesks,i find it that a bit harsh since i did get my chips in good against you?
                              And did actually bluff you on several occassions.
                              I admit i did play a bit to loose and should of backed down on a few bluffs especailly with fresh air but i am listening fesk thx



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