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5nl - flopped trips, turned quads

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  • 5nl - flopped trips, turned quads

    The only read I had was on Antz. He's a LAG who up to this point had been playing all draws aggressively, and been taking stabs at pots when he's in position. I decided to check to him to get more money into the pot instead of chasing him out. When I reviewed the hand, I'm not so sure this was a good move since I'm up against two opponents and I could extract value from flush and straight draws (mainly from the fish). I also decided to only bet half the pot on the turn to price them in (not really, but they don't know that) to draw because it would make me more money if they hit. Good players would pick up on this, but from the few hands I've seen, they're not really paying that much attention to such things. He donks the river and I of course raise. I wasn't sure if I should raise or just shove all in. The only hand he'd call with would be a straight, but he'd probably fold Kx and 9x hands. A boat is very unlikely given the line he took. ....
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    i think your line here was fine. The only thing i would do different is probably shove the river instead of raise. I think the fish wouldn't bet a 9 here and if he really is fishy he would probably be willing to go broke with a king and obviously a straight.


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      Hi Fesk,

      I agree, I think the flop line is fine given the read, as we'd expect the LAG to c-bet quite often and then we can check-raise and maybe trap the caller in the middle if he calls the c-bet. And our play can look like a draw on such a wet board so we'll get action from worse for sure.

      I too like shoving the river, his bet sizing is pretty big relative to the pot, so I prefer going for max value against a straight or boat, and we can get called by a K sometimes that convinces himself we're bluffing or just can't let it go. A boat is possible, as slow-play happy as people are at micros. He checks the flop, and decides to check-call the turn in case you have a draw, to let you get there. It's possible.
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        Thanks for the replies, fellas! umbup: ....



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