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izolating limper with KK ip 2nl zoom 6max

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  • izolating limper with KK ip 2nl zoom 6max
    Tough spot on river but I decided to call. I doubt he'll donk an Ax on the river maybe except A9 but with that he'd probably make it a bit bigger or just check raise me on the turn. So I'd say its between 9x and busted draws. The bet seemed quite fishy so I ended up calling. Thoughts?

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    Hi Dysiclawl.

    I think you were spot on in your assessment of what this was, and your line is a very good one throughout in my opinion.

    OTF, you gotta suspect you hold the best hand. Gotta V bet in that spot.

    When the turn falls with a puke card for KK either your hand is still best (vs something like 9x or TT to QQ, or the flush draw) and you should V bet, or you are probably seeing a card that just beat you. Given that the villain checked the turn, I think a bet/fold line because of lacking info is fine here, and when instead you see a check/call line from the opp, that HAS to increase your belief he is on the come.

    Given that this IS zoom, and that game has little in the way of reads to base your decisions on, the 9 on the river is a scary card when the villain donk leads. It is spots like that which really require info about the villain to know if you have the equity to call. youw ere facing a call of 42c to possibly win $1.41 though, and with 3.35 to 1 in pot odds, you only need to be "right" about 23% of the time to break even.

    If he had bet around 80c or 90c on the river, I think the lack of info could have let you fold. but given the situation you faced, I think you picked the exact right thing to do even if the villain did roll over AK or something. The A does represent enough of a scare to you that you cannot BET for value on the river in "hopes" the villain has TT - QQ, so if you can't raise, and you can;t really fold, that only leaves 1 option; and you took it.

    Very well played hand sir!

    Hope it helps.

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      I agree, his line reeks of a busted draw really, the flop was wet and all draws missed. Maybe he could turn over a 9 but there should easily be enough busted draw bluffs in his range to make calling profitable and folding a mistake imo.
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