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  • 2NL AA BB vs SB

    villian 21/19 98 hand Was the shove incorrect ? Judging by his 4 bet size it seems that he doesn't want to shove, but I also don't want to get sucked out on by a set on flop or 2 pair or should that be the least of my worries. How would I go about getting his stack.

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    Hi, I think the villain is very nitty and may not want to play for stacks PF in this case. Against a looser player I'll shove.

    The objective is still to get our stack in. For this opponent, I may take a different approach by min 5 betting $0.88. It gets more money into the pot without having the fold equity like shoving. He may shove after our 5 bet if he has a premium hand. If he calls, pot will be $1.78 while we have $1.36 left. We'll be committed with an SPR less than 1. Flop comes then we shove. It'll be big damage for him if he doesn't call after investing $0.88, losing 1/3 of his stack for nothing.

    I don't think flatting is an option. He'll have position and regain initiative. Just top pair may not play well post flop.

    So shoving or not is a thin line, for me it depends on the villain's tendencies- whether he's willing to play stacks PF. Some short stackers and fish do. Of course, I do when I hold the rockets. Against nitty players, they may be more conservative.

    Well it's just my 2 cents worth. I'm still learning and may be wrong. Hope my mistakes get corrected by the experts' analysis =)



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      I tend to agree, shoving may not be optimal in that it doesn't give the villain as much room to make a mistake. They will still make a mistake with KK, QQ, maybe AK, but how much further it would go is uncertain and would be much more likely vs. a loose player like Lee said.

      I also agree that rather than flatting I would prefer to raise again, but like a smaller raise. I would go to about .80c (a min-raise is .70c). This gives him more room to make a mistake, either calling too loose and getting further tied into the pot, or shoving believing they have some fold equity.

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