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2NL flush draw

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  • 2NL flush draw

    other villain was supper laggy 75/43 hands 104 Villan 21/15 af 6 hands 136 multi tablers I knew he would pay me off if it was made based on his flop aggression Was this the correct call ?

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    I would've re-raised him on the flop considering the strong draw you have ( somewhere around 50c ) and plan to get it all-in with him. He's probably on an over pair here most of the times so he would've payed you. And if you decide to play your draw aggressively you should do it on the flop when you have the right odds(around 60% ) rather than on the turn when they dropped to around 30 at best. Also by raising the flop you can just end up winning it there which is good or you can make him shut his aggression a bit which will probably make u get a free river card if you end up missing the turn.
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      Completing in the BB for flush/straight mining is poor. The CO and BTN limpers will have wide weak ranges, and will normally not withstand much action if hit your straight and you won't get paid off - thus your implied odds are crap for just a call.

      Therefore you'd be better squeezing here imo.


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        Hi animosama.

        You have to love when you get to see the flop for free with a hand like 97c in the BB. Being out of position the rest of the way means most of your 1 way draws are going to be a lot harder to play though. When you flop the oesd and flush draw, that really is a pretty huge hand that is not going to see you in a world of hurt versus even the flopped nut hand (a set of 8s), so aggression is certainly in order.

        I think you could have considered donk leading if the opp on your LEFT was the likeliest to bet.

        Since he tends to limp incredibly WIDE per your info though, and since the BTN is much tighter and has a good bit of aggression too, a donk lead here is going to set you up for the possibility of seeing your donk lead called and THEN raised, thus catching you in the middle of both opps. I'd be fine with that if I held JTc and the flop were Kc Qc 3x, as I'd be drawing to the 2nd nut flush, but if excessive action breaks out there is a chance your 9 hi flush draw might be no good if the player to your left might take a Flat/Raise line in response to your donk lead. Checking the big draw on the flop gains you relative position to possibly avoid this, and could allow you to release this big draw if there is a lot of reason to suspect that only your oesd is live. Besides, without a made hand you really do not MIND getting free cards if they will give 'em, although I'd prefer to have the chance to play my big draw strongly!

        As you can pretty much expect someone to bet here though, I like your check, but only if you intend to check/raise or check/fold to big action. By failing to enact that aggression when you hold your very strong draw, you are pretty much leaving yourself card dependant. Your equity from your draw is going to be halved on most turn cards, and your passive action on the flop will tend to lend less creedence to any turn donk lead you might make, so your chances of semi bluffing misses is going to go down if you do not act aggressively early.

        You really cannot love making a turn C/R on a miss as a semi bluff most of the time here. The flop action has built the pot to 49c, and any standard sized 2nd barrel by the BTN is going to result in a call by him of most raises you might make. Because a J fell though (an over card to the board), a C/R all in by you MAY get some folds you'd want, but I'd rate as pretty low your chances of folding out a bottom set or an over pair hand to the J in a micro stakes game. Having around 33% chance to make a hand you are going to suspect is the best with only 1 chance to hit is going to make it quite hard to commit your remaining stack on the turn when you probably are getting called.

        So in short Animosama, you'd probably have been better served seeking to act aggressively on the flop, and looking to commit early on your big draw. By waiting to get aggro, you saw a spot where you given the right price to stack off if both your draws were live, but by waiting you made it more necessary that you;d HAVE to hit your draw to win the hand.

        By betting or raising, you have 2 ways to win (making the best hand, or folding out a marginal hand that is currently better). By CALLING you have only 1 way to win (making the best hand). so more aggro action earlier might have allowed you to leverage fold equity that could have been there, and that could have resulted in you taking down the pot without needing to hit the river.

        Hope it helps.

        Double Bracelet Winner



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