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thin value? poket10s B vs SB 2nl Zoom 6max

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  • thin value? poket10s B vs SB 2nl Zoom 6max

    All the draws missed but I opted to check behind on the river. I had a bad feeling about this one even tho he played it quite passively. Checking behind is probably a mistake considering the line he took but I made it anyway any thoughts? And what about the bet sizing on the river? should it be smth like 80-90c? or maybe a little smaller around 55-60c to get calls from weak kings or even second pair and shoves from 2 pairs?
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    Hi, let's start from the flop. It's a scary board. When he donk bets into us, he might be getting us to fold a draw. Calling your raise, I'll put him on a 1 pair, 2 pairs, straight draw or flush draw.

    On the turn, he check calls. I may eliminate any draws he has.

    River comes and it's an awesome card for us. No straight or flush made. At this point, I'm almost certain we have the best hand. The cards we are not beating are KK/JJ/AQ/Q9. If he held any of these combos, he would not have taken the passive line from the start like he did. Also, I eliminate him holding 2 pairs because he'll certainly bet on the river.

    I'll be betting on the river for value
    1) If he held 1 pair- I think high chance of him calling since he called flop and turn, he'll be prepared to go to showdown with it
    2) Straight or flush draw which didn't make it- There's no way he's giving us further value so we don't lose anything

    I'll probably make it 1/2 to 2/3 pot size for him to call. But wow I was wrong, he held 2 pairs. So bad play on his side, real passive.

    Just my 2 cents worth!



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      Hi dysi,

      I think this is a definite value bet on the river (I'm guessing you've sort of come to this conclusion too, since you posed the question. ).

      The flop donk bet is typically indicative of a moderate 1 pair type hand or a draw. He calls our raise furthering that read, and check-calls the turn. If we were beat, it's probable the villain would have taken a much different line (check-call flop, check-raise turn.... check-raise flop... bet/call flop, check-raise turn... most likely one of these 3). Since the river is a complete blank, I feel about 99% certain we have the best hand, and can definitely get called by worse made hands, especially if he's got a K (KQ comes to mind). I would bet at least $1. Shoving isn't unreasonable, it's more than a pot sized bet but not by much. Also, note that if you think ahead to the possible river action, you can size your turn bet higher and make the remaining stack on the river less than a pot sized bet, facilitating getting stacks in on the end vs. good but not great made hands.

      @TheAwesome, I don't think the villains play was bad from the point he made 2 pair onward. We raised preflop, and again on the flop facing a donk bet. There are a lot of hands in our range that are beating K's and 6's. Probably ok to check-call and give us room to continue with a semi-bluff, while not serving us notice that a hand like AK is beat. The villain's play was bad before that imo. Calling our raise pre with K6o is bad, and calling our flop raise on this board texture is really bad imo.
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        Ok thanks understood



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