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  • 2NL BvB AA

    Villian 13/7 3B 6 hands 100 He defends his blinds with min 2.5x 3 bets He with 3 bet bluff cbets on dry boards which he did to me on a QQ4 board BvB again. I call his 3 bet check turn to induce more bluffs but he stop he aggressive I bet river he folded. He plays 7 tables. I am wondering if I should have call him and try to induce bluffs by donking into him depeding on boatd texture ofcourse. I find that a few of the regulars and some grinders 3 bet bluff BvB and preflop. How do you think I should approach this to get maximum value in these situations ?

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    Hi Animosma.

    In this spot I do not really like the min raise followed by a more normal sized 4bet. The line you took looks uber exploitative of an opp who you perceive as 3betting too lite in BvB.

    Had you made a more standard size raise, and still saw the 3bet, a 4bet would have been a solid idea vs an aggro opp who may think he can 5bet bluff all in (hoping you fold), or 5bet shove for value on a lesser hand he perceives is better than your range for a BvB raise.

    As played though, your min raise pre looks like weakness, and he may have been attacking that to try to get you to fold. If the opp is aggro on his BvB 3bets, His range to do this is a LOT wider than it might be had you made a larger raise. When you make the 4bet though, most of that narrow range is going to be forced to go away.

    So I'd think that if you believed that a "tricky" raise pre was the best chance to get him to fire a 3bet, then flatting the 3bet and donking or C/R'ing the flop probably would have been a better choice than 4betting and giving better indication that your min raise open was meant to induce the 3bet.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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