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55 - Missed Turn Bet?

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  • 55 - Missed Turn Bet?

    Playing some 10NL full ring tonight. I'm wondering if a turn bet wins me the pot here or if I should have just let it go on the flop (Preflop maybe?) I then compounded the problem on the river, but I knew that even at the time, and like a fish, did it anyway! Thoughts?

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    Hi Band,

    To Quote Dave Thelangolier, "it depends"

    How tight was the villain playing ,
    Had he made flop or preflop laydowns
    What was your perceived image on the table at the moment?

    I have to say unless the player was a bit loose i'm folding preflop here after all what flop will halp me at at the 10nl level if he has an Ace the he is probly going to be in love with it.

    Hope that helps

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      Hi Bandshooter.

      You really do not provide enough info to answer your questions effectively.

      Once the results are known, it is probably at least 50/50 you may have won this with a turn bet because the villain held only 2 overs and a gut shot, but when you had to make your decision you did not have that info.

      - He could have held a hand like J9 that he'd not release to anything but a HUGE bet, but that he isn't confident barrelling again after your flop call.
      - He could have held a flush draw and been such a station he never gives up no matter what you do.
      - He could have check/called his AK and stayed no matter what you bet anyway.

      And on, and on, and on....

      The line you adopted was a pretty passive calling station one though, and if you have good reason to flat the C Bet when you did not flop a set and there are 2 overs to your hand, you probably should be firing the turn more often than not. By doing so you are either betting for value versus something like a draw, or you are betting to bluff against a hand like 2nd pair or top pair/weak kicker.

      By waiting to the river to test your opponent with a bet or a raise, you are going to give the maximum chance that your pretty weak holding will be drawn out on if it WAS the best, and trying to bluff a better hand off the pot on the river is rarely going to work because your entire line to that point shows quite a lot of weakness.

      This one looks like it boils down to the fact that by betting or raising you have 2 ways to win the hand: either by holding the best hand on the river, or causing a better hand to fold.

      But when you are calling and or checking, the only way you have to win the hand is to hold the best on the river.

      Trying a weak bluff after such a passive line is not going to really be read as strength very often, and it is gunna cost you far more often than it wins you in spots like this.

      Hope it helps.

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