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KK vs min raiser and caller 6 max 2NL

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  • KK vs min raiser and caller 6 max 2NL

    I find myself in this situation a lot of times. I am wondering if my 3 bet sizing is too large or should I make it smaller like 10c-12c to get callers.

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    Hi animosama, I think your bet is fine considering the raise has a caller behind. So 3x bet +1 for the caller. If I was in 2.5x mode +1 for the caller = 14c. You may think you are scaring people off with the size of your 3b but you want value from your premium pair - IMO. umbup:


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      Hi Animosama.

      I think your sizing is fine.

      A standard 3bet sizing is anywhere between 1.5 times more (10c to go) to 2.5 times more (14c to go) than the size of the initial bet. The presence of the caller argues for a slightly larger amount, as does the fact you are holding premium cards oop with which you want to ensure you can extract a bit of extra value when you lead out and the opp(s) fold on the flop.

      What you really want to avoid is throwing off bet patterns by your 3bet sizing choices that could tip the real value of your hand.

      If you go to a SMALLER amount than you chose here, then you should probably consider increasing the frequency of your 3bets out of the BB because those smaller sized 3bets will tend to become more "affordable". Of course doing that means you are incurring greater risk of loss by playing oop in more hands if/when your 3bets start getting called more often, and that is really not something I like to court overly much myself.

      I think you could have felt justified in going anywhere up to around 18c to 20c or so in this spot as a "standard" value raise from the BB. In going that large though, you'd really want to be much more apt to give up your BB and lower your overall BB 3bet frequency so that you can effectively take down the pots pre flop from weak raisers who perceive your BB 3bet range as uber tight.

      So your sizing really boils down to what you are trying to accomplish when you 3bet. In this case you held a premium hand, and you wanted calls for a larger amount simply because there was a chance after calling your 3bet a min raiser might give up on a lot of flops.

      As your bet was in keeping with exactly what you wanted from the hand it is fine, and trying to "massage" your sizing BECAUSE you think it might get you a better result can instead wind up getting you a worse result.

      Sometimes min raisers are raising with hands they have no intention of calling a 3bet with, and that is probably what you ran into here.

      Hope it helps.

      Double Bracelet Winner



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