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calling utg openraiser

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  • calling utg openraiser

    HI, id like to know what hands should i call when im on button and TAG good player open raises utg and its folded to me. same when im on cutoff, TAG opens from utg+1 im on button and TAG opens utg+1 and im on cutoff. the game is 6 max NLHE

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    Calling range

    A good TAG will vary his opening range somewhat. This is especially true in tournaments when the stacks get smaller in relation to the blinds in the latter stages. TAGs will also open a wider range in short handed situation such as 6 max verses full ring. So I can not give you a specific range you can use in all situations. The general rule is that your calling range should be tighter than the openers range. This is probably not the type of answer you were looking for. But if i said AQ+ and 1010+ there would be lots of situations were that would not be ideal.The fact that there are not simple answers is what makes poker such a great game. On the button you can call with a slightly wider range than in the cutoff because you are guaranteed to have the advantage of position post flop. As you gain experience from playing and from doing some studying you will find these decisions become easier, however never completely cut and dried.especially against the better players who try to mislead you.

    Good question
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      With monsters (AA,KK, or QQ) I'm probably raising, maybe even AK or AQ. It depends on your reads, but generally a raise UTG is considered to be pretty strong. You should only call these raises with a very strong read or a monster.

      YMMV, I don't claim to be an expert, just my personal experience.

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        i agree with doug, it all depends.

        it depends on the stacksizes, the reads you have. if youve seen a hand go to showdown where villain raised UTG for instance.

        my "general rule" for calling utg= AQ, AJ, KQ and sometimes AK to mix it up. i will 3b with QQ+
        and call with 22-JJ. this is when the effective stacksizes are about 100bb, when the stacks are 50bb or lower i will fold 22-77 and suited connectors because i dont get the implied odds i need.

        most tags will raise utg: AQ+, KQs+ pp but it depends as always

        when stacks are 100bb+ you can call with some speculative hands like 78s+ (but it again depends on your postflop abilities). and of course the postflop play of the villain. if youve seen him c-bet and then check/fold the turn a lot. you could theoreticaly call with any two cards and float (call the c-bet and when opp chechs, bet the turn and take down the pot)

        again i vary my play depending on stacksizes, the villain, the players left to act behind me etc

        i would reccomend that you watch felixx's sessions and those of andrew (faucault..)

        just remember this:
        play the hands that you are comfortable with.
        small pp and suited connectors need implied odds, so the stacksizes have to be 50b+

        i hope this helps you

        i do want to mention that even though i play a lot of 6max, im by no means a great player. im still learning



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