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5NL full ring - no value raising the river

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  • 5NL full ring - no value raising the river

    Hi, Thanks to the live trainers and pso team. Since the 6-max vs Full ring PSO challenge I have only played 6-max cash. Listening to Sunday live training with frosty012 (min raise from c/o else 2.5x) and remember raise to isolate limpers then Monday with TheLangolier review of labs22 those small bets look fishy and it was QQ. So I tried a 5NL Zoom full ring cash game. It is profitable so thanks guys a nice chip up. This hand is - no value raising the river. What is going on here I'm beat by QQ (really an Ace) just call and leave the table.

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    Hi Forest,

    Glad to hear you're finding the training useful.

    I think your line in this spot is fine. With the villain limp-calling pre I wouldn't be concerned with QQ or KK, and there's only one other ace in the deck. Most players would check-raise you with the ace not lead into you for min bets, so I would feel very confident in my jacks here as well. Since the line makes no sense, I'd call the river overbet too. If he's got the case ace and played it this way, then gh. Obviously it's possible, as we saw in the labs "Closing the Deal Part 1" live training last night with how that bad player handled his QQ so goofy, but many times they simply won't have it in these spots and this one is a nice example.
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      Ive never played Zoom cash game before. However 20cent raise on the button would not have screamed MONSTER hand. And he wouldnt have put you on the cowboys with a lone ranger in his hand.

      Also his cards a suited. With the Ace of diamonds then coming on the flop, he then would be in a pretty good posistion if two more diamonds come....which one does on the turn, and a straight draw to go with it. so with his outs and only a full house would beat him if the flush and straight would arrive. HE would think hes in quite a good posie. Also note, that he lead out the betting after the pre flop. There was no re-raise from you which would of signalled that you were also chasing or had a weak pair/pockets. Now the Ace comes down on the river. And hes missed his draw. All he can do is fold, but since you seemed like you were just limping along, he thinks it may be good to bluff. But you hit, I could imagine you would have been like WTF does he have and quite nervous but in that spot you had to call. If you had thrown in a re-raise then things could have been quite different. But without him actually hitting, you got all the chips you could. The only thing he did wrong was call your raise on the button. And the raise was weak on the flop and turn to show he was chasing.

      Sorry if thats not the answer you were looking for. Just my take on how I see it played and if I was in his place



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