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5nl: AK vs min3bet and caller

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  • 5nl: AK vs min3bet and caller

    Bobcabman was 45/30/12 over 21 hands, and Tomlaw was 33/17/0 over 12 hands. Other than that, no real reads on any of their tendencies in specific situations. I decided to call here because I felt like I could stack bobcabman if I hit an ace or a king. At the same time, he's very aggressive both preflop and postflop, and the low SPR would favor my hand. Reviewing the hand afterwards, I'm not so sure it was the correct move. A 5bet would maybe be better. Obviously, I don't know what the right play is here. EDIT: Just realized HEM2 shows stats for all hands I have on him and not just the ones I had at that point (if anyone knows a way you can fix that, let me know) so I guess I only had a few hands on him, like 3-4. Still an interesting spot. ....
    Last edited by Feskprins; Sun May 20, 2012, 09:53 PM.

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    Hi Feskprins,

    Your 3-bet is facing a 4-bet and a call behind.

    I can't call here it's a 5-bet shove or fold. Calling makes a $3 pot with $4.19 behind.

    Fold if you can range the 4-bet or caller KK+ or shove and you are flipping.

    Tough one.


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      Hi Fesk,

      I don't like flat calling, as you'll miss 2/3rds of the time and unless you are willing to play back at him on some board textures it's not really profitable to call his 4b. You said you thought you would stack him if you hit an A or K but tbh that is somewhat optimistic... when you call his 4b he knows that you have big aces or pairs like 99-JJ a lot. So unless he's got AQ or is a complete spazz you're not going to stack him very often on an ace high flop.

      If he's very LAGgy and 4-betting light or overvaluing stuff like AQ in this spot then we want to just 5b/get it in on 100 bb stacks imo.

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        Hi Fesk!

        I have to say I pretty much agree with Forest Five...

        Flatting in this spot is not what I'd want to do, because you are going to be in a "yuck spot" if an A or K on the flop is good enough for you to win. You may not get the action your desire.

        Plus, flatting here puts a good portion of your stack into the pot. Do you REALLY want to fold 20% of your stack the 2/3rds of the time you miss?

        I think we can make a case here for you to think you might have as much as 40% equity if both villain's call (given that you are on the BTN and the aggro SB may not believe you, and the BB may not believe HIM), so if you are going to keep going at all I think it would be better to do so for a shove.

        If you don't want to get them all in, thus ensuring you see all 5 cards, then a fold is probably better.

        Please note, I'm quite happy to shove here myself with AK way more often than not.

        hope it helps.

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