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2nl zoom 6max set vs fish

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  • 2nl zoom 6max set vs fish

    Poker Stars, $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
    Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

    BTN: $1.90 (95 bb)
    SB: $4.14 (207 bb)
    BB: $2.23 (111.5 bb)
    UTG: $2.33 (116.5 bb)
    MP: $3.59 (179.5 bb)
    Hero (CO): $2 (100 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is CO with 3 3
    UTG calls $0.02, MP folds, Hero raises to $0.08, 2 folds, BB calls $0.06, UTG calls $0.06

    Flop: ($0.25) T 8 3 (3 players)
    BB checks, UTG bets $0.12, Hero calls $0.12, BB folds

    Turn: ($0.49) 6 (2 players)
    UTG bets $0.28, Hero raises to $1, UTG calls $0.72

    River: ($2.49) 9 (2 players)
    UTG bets $1.13 and is all-in, Hero calls $0.80 and is all-in

    sorry about the layout this hand wouldnt import for some starnge reason
    only 2 hands on the villain but his open limp makes me think hes a fish
    thoughts please
    thanx in advance!

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    My two cents,

    Pre flop good raise to isolate UTG limper.

    BB and UTG call.

    Flop UTG donks back at you.

    What do you range him on? He certainly has hit something.
    Many times I've seen small or even premium pairs and a good Aces limp.

    Here maybe AcTc TT 88. Flopping a set they should check to you (I would donk a made set).

    Putting a micro fish on a draw, flatting the donk lead may get you into trouble. Raising here would be my choice.

    You did do so on the turn as a straightening and flush club card comes. By the river you were beat I think. Please don't say he had Tc7c.


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      Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
      Please don't say he had Tc7c.

      lol or like Tc3c :/

      Some of these hands really try one's tolerance for tilt ... especially if they come one after the other for several thousand hands.

      The toughest ones are these where you make the hand you were looking for, but a hand like JTs was never going to fold, and then the river changes everything

      I did a google search to try and find peoples graphs for zoom, but haven't managed to find too many ... I've been wondering if everybody's play is as swingy as mine - it might not be typical, but it's been pretty common for me to have swings as wide as like 7 buyins ... is that 7BB? ($14 at 2nl). I'm still working on leaks though, tilt issues, just overall mediocre play at times, etc ...


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        zoom is mental i come across sets alot its like its the minimum to get it in pre. TBH i only play at the mo to get some volume in for a free copy of HM


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          There's this guy on another site who posted his tips for always showing a profit at micro zoom, and people were totally ripping him to shreds for recommending folding KK if you feel like you're behind, and being wary of lower sets.

          But I'll bet he would have never lost the $2 I just did going all-in with KK against AA.

          It's tough to have 2nd nuts :/

          The VPP's and FPP's at zoom are awesome though, eh? How many VPP's do you have to make to get your code for HM?

          I'm working on one for SNG Wizard on another site, and it's taking me forever


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            Hi Pokerspants,

            You labeled the villain as a fish but didn't give specifics, what kind of fish might change the line I'd take here.

            Preflop raising in position is fine, it's nice to bloat the pot vs. a loose caller to set up larger post flop bets and stacks when we hit our set. Plus we still win sometimes when he misses.

            Versus a fish I am always raising on the flop. This is the easiest street to start building the pot. Against a reg or solid player they will read a flop raise as an overpair and get away from medium strength hands but vs. a fish the guy is never folding top pair or a draw type hand so raise immediately for value before some type of scary card comes that makes it hard to get action (for instance he will get more money in for sure with a hand like JT now, but if an ace or K comes he probably won't like his hand enough to stack off any more. So let's build the pot asap.

            Depending on what type of fish this is, I think the river is just a fold. After you raised the turn when he bombs the river into you his value range is probably only straights and flushes. If he's a bluffy type of fish then we have to call, and if he overvalues hands like 2 pair then it's probably a call. There's a wide range of players that we will be good 0% of the time against though, making it an (not so) easy fold.

            Tough spot for sure. Build the pot early and we won't have to sweat spots like this on the river.
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              225 vpp to get a $75 code for HM

              thanx dave tough spot for sure



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