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2nl ZOOM, Hows my line with a set of treys

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  • 2nl ZOOM, Hows my line with a set of treys

    Once again ZOOM so no reads. Opt to flat the three's preflop for just 1 more big blind. Flop comes very wet and unless im coolerd I have the best hand so opt to bet the pot as I dont want anyone checking behind me and not getting value, I could of checked raise, what do you think? Turn completes the straight draw for KQ but i still feel i have the best hand so bet the pot again, knowing if im behind I have the opportunity to make the full house, opponent just calls where i would expect a straight to raise and pretty big given the board texture so when he flats i take it out of his range although it is still a possibility, and lean more towards a top pair jx hand, 2 pairs and diamond draws he just wont fold. The river completes the backdoor flush in spades but i was not overly concerned of this flush although there's also a small possibility villain has it, i decide there are many hands i could still be beating and go for a thinish value bet, i bet the pot. Im happy with my flop and turn decision but is the river decision to bet the pot wrong, maybe a 30 to 50 percent pot bet fold would be better here, i just felt he was calling with plenty of worse hands maybe this was wrong? Thanks for the analysis

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    Hi dk,

    I think your line is fine, and I think you should make the pot sized value bet on the end. I agree he can have a lot of worse hand here, many of which contain an ace or even aces up.

    If we believe he is calling any bet size with an ace (I do... keeping in mind he only has a pot sized bet left on the river), then we should bet it all. If we bet less like half the pot, it would just cost us value... since he will simply call with his aces (paying us less than his remaining stack when we win), but shove with the flush or straight most likely (charging us his full stack when we lose). Since we should likely get paid by his aces here, we should go ahead and extract full value when we're winning at least, since we have to pay off the back door nuts either way.

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      Thanks Dave, just my frustration at losing the pot makes me question what i thought was right



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